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It Was Touch And Go For This Little Bobcat Today – Two CHP Officers Worked Hard To Save Him

"Touch n' Go," as discovered by CHP officers this afternoon. Photo: CHP

In a continuation of a critter-centric theme on NEWS24/680 lately (mules, a deer on our Facebook page, and now this guy), two California Highway Patrol officers chose to go the extra mile to save the life on an injured Bobcat Tuesday – and gave us the opportunity to give you some good news in the process.

Officers Kelso and Rohrback initiated a rescue effort after they came across this apparently car-struck critter along the Cummings Skyway, just east of Crockett Boulevard  – despite the hard fact that injured wildlife are often dispatched in place to avoid any potential danger to officers or the public.

Obviously, the officers weren’t eager to destroy the animal and despite the pressures and demands of their beat worked to contact Contra Costa Animal Services and secure a ride for the animal to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience museum (and rehabilitation center) in Walnut Creek for some needed attention.

We agree with the prevalent thought not to put a human name on critters that belong in the wild (and, we hope, will be returned there in the near future) but we suggest the interim moniker of Touch n’ Go – which was his condition when found.


  1. Thank you CHP for going the extra mile! Touch n’ Go is an adorable moniker for an injured little kitty. Something tells me law enforcement really enjoys doing heartfelt things like this, despite their demands. It offsets their stressful gig – and warms my heart and makes me smile.

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