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“Mule” The Wanderer Arrested In Castro Valley Wednesday – Booked Into Santa Rita


A man who goes by the name “Munk” or “Mule” – after his beloved pack mules – had his criss-crossing sojourn across the state cut short Wednesday when he was arrested and taken into custody by highway patrol officers in Castro Valley.

Mule was booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on charges of trespass and obstructing an officer. His bail was set at $10,000.

Mule, whose given name is John Sears, was apparently settling in for the night with his lone mule “Little Girl” when he ran afoul of the law. He was arrested and booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on charges of trespass and obstructing as friends and supporters scrambled to recover his mule.

Bail was set at $10,000.

For the last several years Sears has been relying on available open space and the generosity of supporters to wander the state, drawing attention to over-development and loss of lands for public use. He sleeps in the open and his mules, currently down to just the faithful Little Girl, carry everything they own.

Sears passed through Lamorinda and the Tri-Valley earlier in the week and was apparently headed west at the time of his arrest.


  1. This breaks my heart that he was arrested. Just let him be. I’m glad his friends and supporters are taking care of Little Girl. She doesn’t understand…

  2. I was crossing my fingers he wouldn’t get arrested. There’s no such thing as public land in most places any more. THAT’S the crime here.

  3. I must say this is a shame. In the UK the gypsy caravaners are allowed to roam pretty much at will, and are largely treasured features of the landscape. This is terrible news, but to be expected today unfortunately.

    • @Chris – You’re a gent. But Mule… aw, the hell with it, Mr. Sears doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t want anyone coming down on Castro Valley CHP and he doesn’t want anyone going to great lengths on his behalf. He has a cadre of friends who have mobilized and secured Little Girl, his mule, and they’re working their way through the legal process.

  4. I’d like to make a contribution to his release if that becomes an option. Hopefully any links to that would be published here. Our system is a joke– unfortunately it’s a very corrupt joke. The criminal justice system squanders vast sums of OUR money and people like this are just “easy targets”. Resources are squandered and people are treated cruelly in the process. All and always in the guise of “public safety”.

    • @Wes – Thank you, Wes, we’re getting a ton of similar offers. John eschews most public assistance but if this condition changes we will certainly let everyone know. Lots of questions being asked about how this could happen.

  5. The outpouring of generosity is nice, and he seems to be taking it in stride. Encouraging everyone to continue to support law enforcement. He’s been arrested, fined and institutionalized in the past. How sad. He’s an activist, and I believe he’ll continue. I wish him well…

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