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News24/680 Group is a collection of “Old School” journalists, tech-savvy “Young Turks,” and supporters – all of us dedicated to bringing local news to the people in an unfiltered and unflinching new way.

We offer immediate local coverage of news and events important to residents of the Highway 24/Interstate 680 Corridor – specifically the cities of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Martinez, Alamo and Danville – and we promise adherence to traditional standards of gathering and reporting these events, and to bringing them to you, our neighbors, with the lightning-fast expediency the latest technology affords.

Like the sound of that? We hoped so. Remember, you can sign up for our lightning fast Flash Alerts to get breaking news alerts sent to your smartphone as news is happening for a a mere $10 every three months. we don’t charge for obituaries, we don’t charge for you to see our video news packages. All that is free. But if you want to see independent community journalism succeed in your town, perhaps you’ll consider making a small donation to help us keep the digital presses rolling…

News24/680 is committed to maintaining a level and civil playing field for all those who visit us. We promise to maintain high standards of transparency, disclosure and civility on our pages and want our users to know their opinions and ideas are respected and always appreciated. Our sense of neighborhood pride is high and we hope you will join us, take part in the discussion, and help build an online community we can be proud of and improve on together. News24/680 has been built on the premise that information heightens awareness and that an informed community can help neighbors come together, make better decisions, and effect change.

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  1. FYI, some people on NextDoor are wondering who News24-680 is. They said there are no bilines on the articles stating who the author is. I assume there is only one person behind News24-680 but that is besides the point. This is regarding the recent robbery in WC and the lack of any other news outlets reporting it. ND users suspect the robbery is fake since you are the only person reporting it. I believe it really happened but the other news outlets aren’t reporting it since there is only really East Bay Times and SF Gate, besides you, and sometimes they don’t care about Lamorinda local news. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey, Chris… we don’t wish to be dismissive or rude but we don’t give a toss what ND people think of us or who they think we are. Our stories are not about us – they’re about news. We would have thought people would have learned their lesson about us after the Orinda Halloween mass murder; the Canyon murder; the Modern China shots fired story – all of which were ours ALONE for hours, days, sometimes a week or more before one of the people ND people believe in finally decided to confirm what we’ve said all along. Trust in us, or not, it’s fine. Thousands of people do and we’re writing for them.

  2. Hi24-680,
    Thank you for reporting in a timely manner. As I pointed out to a friend who is an editor at the Houston Chronicle and former reporter for the LA Times and Mercury, it would take days or longer from the EBT to report on a UFO landing at the Walnut Creek City Hall. Their local coverage is horrible.

    • Hey, Gary, thanks for writing. We’re known for our speed, it’s true.

      We earned our stripes at metropolitan newspapers and remember those days fondly.

      Now, we’re obviously into an entirely different thing and we’re committed to our model and readership. We tend to keep our heads down and focused on the story before us so we don’t get a chance to check out the competition much anymore.

      Wishing you and your friends the best… thanks for reading!


  3. Hi 24/680. I’m delighted to find you. We have been needing a strong news source for the area for a long time. Keep up the good work!

  4. Very good, accurate reporting on the Danville robbery on Sat. 8/6. I posted your description on ND and my account was suspended for 30 days. Thank you saying it was black males, accuracy matters to me. I am subscribing right now. Keep up the good work guys. ND can pound sand.

    • Thanks, Tom, and welcome aboard.

      Race is a huge issue and we are more than aware of the implications describing someone by their race can have. We have seen it firsthand. But we believe that in situations where critical descriptive information is required during time-critical incidents such information needs to be passed along so that the public may be aware.

      Taking it a point further, if we may… once a person or persons has been apprehended following our publication of their race no further mention of it will be made as it has – in our opinion – been rendered moot.

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