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Man Named Mule Meanders Into Danville, On Into The Tri-Valley

Photo: Laura Vaughn

He stops more traffic than Brad Pitt but prefers that his mules get all the attention. He’s on a quiet, some might say futile mission: to draw our attention to the rapid loss of open space and public lands, and he crisscrosses California drawing stares and puzzled police officers unsure of his intent.

Laura Vaughn brought the Perpetual Traveler who calls himself Mule some carrot juice from Trader Joe’s and a bag of carrots for his string of pack mules yesterday, Saturday, as it’s the mules who carry the few things Mule says they all need in life in order to keep moving – while they can.

Danville PD was either enlightened or quietly supportive, earning praise from Mule-Watchers as they shepherded him through town. Not every jurisdiction has been as forgiving.

Mule, the Man, and his mules are heading into San Ramon today, Sunday. If you have something cool to share with him and some fresh hay for his pack animals, it might be nice if you’d share.


  1. Male donkey * Female Horse = Mule
    Female donkey * Male Horse = Hinny

    So donkeys can have offspring but not mules.

    It’s really all so confusing.

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