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Calm Before The Storm – NEWS24/680 Aviatrix Trixie Goodheart Gets In A Little Air Time

"Trixie." She promises not to Loop The Loop over the 24/680 Split ever again...

Greetings and Salutations Groundhogs! It’s me, Trixie, at the stick of the NEWS24/680 Sopwith and doing a little open cockpit flying over the former ranch land where our two major freeways link up before the skies close in and go dark on us yet again.

It’s gorgeous up here. I’m at 4,000 ftAGL (that’s Above Ground Level for you Flat Landers) and have the airspace mostly to myself today. Ian and Gregory just passed by my starboard wingtip on their way to Denver for Virgin Air and I think Ian recognized my crate and blew me a kiss.

Cheekie Devil.

Hmm. There’s a stack of 737s climbing fast out of Oaktown and SFO above me, heading east and making good time in this clean air. I swear it’s so calm up here I can almost hear Fellow Flappers and all-around Goodtime Girls Mae, Jean, and Amy making tracks through all that fresh powder over there in the Sierras. They said they were going to sneak up into the mountains and get some first tracks down and those gals always do what they say.

Some minor Fender Benders and Paint Scrapers below me on I-680 through Alamo-Danville. Nothing much to speak of and those boys and girls in the CHP are cleaning things up and getting people moving again. Couldn’t get me to do that, nosirree, not with all those trucks and Tahoes and such whizzing past so fast they blow the lint out of your pockets. I’ll stay up here where it’s safe.

By now you all know things are expected to close in over the weekend, weather-wise, with towns and cities setting up sandbag stations and warming locations for those living on the streets. Give me a nice, warm hangar and a hip flask and I’ll be fine.

Pretty quiet overall with… whoops, no, looks like some police activity shaping up in San Ramon with those cute little skunk cars of theirs zooming around and, Oh, my… it’s looking like an armed robbery with the car – a Prius – heading south on I-680.

It looks like the person just held some people up. The car has made it onto Amador Valley Road and I may be getting some company from the Sheriff’s whirlybird here pretty soon. How exciting! Anyway, don’t get hurt anyone… please.

Gotta go… this little Prius is really moving! Heading towards Pleasanton…

That’s it for now, 24/680 People. Remember, if you hear an old airplane engine overhead, low and slow, it’s probably me. Don’t forget to wave and if I see you I’ll give you a wing waggle. This is Trixie, your NEWS24/680 aviatrix, signing off for now!

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