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Burglars Attempt Last-Minute Christmas Shopping In Lafayette Friday

Burglars chose a simple but effective method to enter a home in Lafayette recently. Photo: LPD/File

Police in Lafayette advise that at least one suspected burglar may have attempted to get in some last-minute shopping Friday, approaching a home in the 800 block of Mountain View Drive.

Police said that a 9:04 a.m. a maroon colored 4-door sedan parked in the driveway of the residence, a black male exiting the passenger side of the car and walking half way around the exterior of the home.

Officers reported that the man then went to the front door of the residence, repeatedly ringing the door bell and knocking on the front door while simultaneously attempting to open it. He returned to the car he arrived in and it fled the area when he realized the home was occupied, according to police.

Suspect Description
Black male, blue jeans, light colored shoes

Vehicle Description
Red or maroon-colored four-door sedan with yellow paper plates

We don’t think we have to tell you that you should contact police if you see this person or this car in your neighborhood.


  1. Sounds like we should dispatch the police to follow any car with paper plates entering Orinda that is not a new car…..

  2. Everyone just jokes here and takes this all lightly while these punks are invading our homes.
    People need to call the police right away and not think “It will be OK”. It won’t be.

  3. People need to start writing and calling our elected officials – especially the liberal Democratic ones- and demand tightening of laws in California that will start locking up and punishing these criminals again. The current ‘ no one goes to jail anymore’ policy is definitely not working.
    Why should the hard-working, responsible citizens have to suffer instead?

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