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Thief Robs San Ramon Bank Of The West Branch Thursday; Escapes In Prius – Yes, A Prius


NEWS24/680 was able to provide the play-by-play account of a morning bank robbery and ensuing chase down I-680 Thursday, an incident marked by apparent public disbelief in the suspect’s choice of getaway car – a Toyota Prius.

Despite the lightheartedness, it was all business for San Ramon police when news that the Bank of the West branch in the “Shops at Bollinger” had been robbed by a male suspect in a hoodie and face mask who threatened a teller and made off with an undetermined amount of money.

No weapon was believed to have been displayed or used, according to police. The car was determined to have been stolen earlier in the morning from it’s owner in San Jose – who politely passed on additional information about the theft to this site.

San Ramon PD Corporal Becky Chestnut said investigators are currently compiling evidence in the case, reported shortly before 10 a.m., and that officers spotted and initiated a pursuit of the suspect’s getaway car minutes after the man left the bank.

Chestnut said the ensuing pursuit travelled through San Ramon, Dublin and Pleasanton, both on city streets and on Highway 680, at speeds estimated in excess of 100mph – when it was terminated out of concern for public safety.

The Prius was last seen in the Pleasanton area. The suspect is not identified or in custody, Chestnut said.


  1. If you need to blend in quickly in the Bay Area, there’s nothing better than a Prius – especially a silver one. Looks like the crooks are finally starting to evolve!

  2. Pardon me but that Prius was my car which was stolen from my house in San Jose at 1:29 a.m…. I caught the thief on a neighbor’s security camera which is why I know the time. I reported the car stolen and a swarm of Police showed up. They told me my car was involved in a bank robbery in San Ramon. FYI license plate # is 6BCP320

    • Howdy, G.M. First, thanks for writing. Second, sorry you lost your car. And, lastly, thanks for the additional info. We take it you/the PD haven’t recovered the car yet?

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