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Suspected DUI Driver Tours The I680 Corridor – Wakes Up A Lot Of Locals In The Process

Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

A circuitous police chase kept several police jurisdictions on the run and the locals awake as a suspected drunk driver fled from a traffic stop north of Benicia, visited Alamo and ended up on bare rims in Pleasant Hill in the wee hours Thursday.

Things kicked off around 1 a.m. – as many things have been lately – the driver of the pictured car running from CHP officers north of Benicia and making for the San Ramon Valley.

Officers from visited jurisdictions joined the pursuit as needed, the unidentified driver hanging a u-turn in Alamo and heading back northbound for Pleasant Hill, entering the city from Contra Costa Boulevard, driving through a shopping area, the downtown area and finally into Poet’s Corner – where he finally came to a screeching halt after his tires unraveled.

No injuries were reported.


    • This reference to police lawlessness, Back In the Day, is not amusing. Why does a law enforcement officer continue to imply publicly that observing the law is weak or wrong? It is beyond common sense and local mores to suggest that the police determine ultimate justice in a judicial system. When the police are NOT asked to mete out “street justice” we strive at least to be a civil society, a nominally less racist society. Police are expected to be professional officers of the law, Officer Callahan. You present yourself in a different light. You seem to relish it.

      • It’s blowhard bravado. You have to just laugh at the nonsense and be thankful such people are no longer in law enforcement.

        • Well that’s wishful thinking. He is “such people”, and he claims to be currently in law enforcement in this region.

  1. So that’s what that was!
    The constant sirens and helicopter woke me around 2:00 a.m. . That was probably when he was doing his U-turn in Alamo.
    Add to that, for some reason my smoke alarm went off at 4:00 a.m… so I didn’t sleep well and I’m grouchy!

      • Oh, sorry to hear that!
        We should all take some NyQuil tonight to sleep good!
        BTW, thank you for always being on top of these stories! No one else knew what was going on , but you did! You’re my go-to now for news in this area. The East Bay times basically ignores us out here. I miss the old Contra Costa Times.. now you’re best.

    • Some folks do seem to think they can make their cars behave like Vin Diesel(sp?) makes them behave in the movies…

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