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Woman Struck, Killed While Walking On Livermore Freeway Thursday

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In the second incident of its kind this week a woman died after inexplicably walking onto westbound I580 in Livermore early Thursday morning.

The latest incident follows another, similar fatality on southbound I680 in San Ramon early Monday morning in which a woman with ties to Concord and Danville was hit while crossing from the right hand side of the freeway to the center divide at 12:55 a.m.

On Thursday, a 52-year-old woman described as wearing a pink hoodie was observed by motorists in the center divide of westbound I580, apparently waving her arms and walking east in the middle lanes of the freeway until she was struck in the slow lane at 3:58 a.m.

Investigators subsequently said the woman was from Livermore, and that she was struck and killed by an SUV driven by a 56-year-old Lathrop man after walking into the travel lanes early Thursday morning.

Investigators said the driver of the involved car pulled over at the scene. The freeway was briefly closed as the CHP investigated the incident, all lanes re-opening a little after 5 a.m.


  1. At that hour, probably a homeless woman with mental health issues. The Concord – Danville death was probably a homeless woman too.

  2. People really shouldn’t make speculations about such a terrible tragedy.if the public needs to be informed of the circumstances I’m sure you will be. Right now the concern and focus should be for her family and that of the person that was driving the vehicle. So sad for him and for the woman’s family

    • She was homeless, she lives under the 580 bridge off N.livermore Ave where there is a huge homeless camp which usually started a fire every other month and us ranchers pray it won’t hit our homes. Keith was right at that hour and running up and down the center of the freeway throwing her arms around is not normal and yes I pray for the poor person that has to live with hitting her, the police say she through her self in front of his car. Drugs and alcohol is a choice to know I was an alcoholic and before I was going to lost my house I through myself in a treatment center and said he’ll no I won’t more in life thank you God it’s been 18 years sober. Anyone can do it. They are selfish to Society and family members.

  3. I fully agree with you julie! Prayers for both of their families. Its a terrible tragedy for all involved

  4. Well thank you and thank God I would of gotten a F and I only like A’s and thanks for making me feel welcomed. Turned my my phone off for now, Need to wake up soon for work.

  5. Im sorry Patricia but how do you know she was homeless and living under the 580 bridge?? Did you know her? Are you certain? Because if you dont and you are just thinking she was because of what time it was and so forth you should not say things you dont know are absolutley fact to be quite honest.

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