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Woman Killed Crossing I-680 In San Ramon Early Monday

Photo: CoCo CHP

A woman apparently attempting to cross southbound I-680 at the Bollinger Canyon East onramp was struck and killed by a motorist early Monday.

The deceased was identified Wednesday as Judy Airaksinen, 56, of Concord – believed to be living in Danville.

Airaksinen was reportedly attempting to cross from the right hand side of the freeway to the center divide when she was struck. The car’s driver stopped and was contacted by investigators.

The incident was reported at 12:55 a.m. Much of the freeway was closed in the southbound direction as police began their investigation of the collision.






  1. At 7:25 last night, while driving north on 680, I saw a person walking south on 680 (on the northbound side of the freeway), between Ygnacio and N. Main. I wonder if this is the same individual. My immediate thought was “that’s not safe.” At the slow pace this person walked, that would be about the right amount of time to get from Main to Bollinger. Sad if correct.

  2. I also saw a woman walking Highway 24 a number of days ago. May have been on a Sunday since I don’t drive out very often. I recall she was wearing pink, and a knit cap. From her attire, she appeared to be homeless. Blond, I think. I also recall thinking it was very dangerous for her to be walking the freeway. It was a dangerous drive that day, with a number of drivers speeding, swerving, cutting people off, and I remember thinking that in all this distraction, I had not noticed if a car, hopefully hers, might have broken down on the side of the road. I usually report such things, but this time, I was very concerned with traffic.

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