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Driveway Bandit Strikes Twice Sunday; May Be Responsible For Other Local Crimes

Danville, CA, Police, A 12-year-old boy shoots and wounds himself with his parent's gun.
Photo: File

Area residents are reporting a disturbing trend in local crime – one which is believed to have been demonstrated twice Sunday in separate instances in Concord and Oakley.

The cases, so far unmentioned by local law enforcement, prompted a number of messages to this site, readers noting an apparent similarity between the cases and a recently solved crime in Pleasanton. In that instance, a couple returning home from the grocery store was confronted in their driveway by two armed teens – their personal belongings and groceries taken at gunpoint.

Three teens – two of lawful age and a juvenile – were arrested after attempting to use a victim’s credit card at a local store and a gun was recovered.

On Sunday, neighbors in Concord’s Crystyl Ranch neighborhood reported a neighborhood man returning to his residence after a lunch out was confronted in his driveway by an armed man dressed in black who struck him on the head and demanded he hand over his watch.

The victim did suffer an injury to his head but it was not immediately known if he sought further treatment. The robbery was so swift only a brief description could be given: a masked African-American man dressed all in black, believed to be driving a black Camaro.

Neighbors shared the license plate number of the suspect car (which we are withholding pending confirmation with law enforcement) and which we also believe may have been stolen and placed on the vehicle.

Residents said the car is believed to have been used in other local crimes, including an unreported robbery in Oakley less than two hours before the Crystyl Ranch stickup, as well as in separate cases in which women were followed home and robbed in their driveway after shopping in Walnut Creek.

We’ll update this story with additional details when we get them.


  1. Apparently perps as young as 12. There’s video of a guy in San Leandro just CLEANING UP his street with one of the little punks after he tookd the gun away. It’s pretty satisfying to watch — six or seven times.

    • The guy didn’t take the gun away, but he caught him by surprise with his moves, and the gun flies out of his hand as he’s body slammed onto the pavement and it stops a few short feet away. It’s a great watch.

  2. Followed home or just confronted with an armload of groceries or as they get out of their cars? The ones in San Leandro look like they just roll up on their victim and pull out the gun. Maybe just cruising our neighborhoods?

  3. Can you post the vid of the guy disarming and making the teen carjacker cry like a baby? That’s a good one.

  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BWwMN1esjOQ

    Recent attempted robbery by 12 yr old

    This is the Camaro guy pretty unique car convertible with unique wheels.


    I have made it a habit to back into my driveway now since fire season last yr. When working in the yard I pay attention to strange vehicles in the neighborhood. When leaving the house I and many neighbors look for strange vehicles parked scoping out people leaving given thats a common tactic being used now also.

    I hate to say it but given the frequency of these armed robberies at gun point home owners who have the means to defend them selves are more likely to be packing a tool to defend against threats to their life ie a gun pointed at them by a criminal.

  5. That was a little bit of street justice, dispensed swiftly and neatly. The would be victim is lucky, however. In some cities he would be charged for assault and battery of a juvenile.

  6. Wow…. Same thing happened to my sister’s neighbor up in Yountville last month. He was driving home from Oakland airport and stopped at a store real quick in Vallejo before driving home. Ends up he was robbed in his driveway by someone in a black Camaro that had followed him home from the store. They took his rolex watch. The police did find him and arrested him, but knowing our justice system, I’m sure he’s out now doing more of his activities.

    • This could be the same people, I saw another similar robbery in san francisco stealing a rolex in the driveway. I would be interested to know if they let the same guy out to do more robberies, do you have anymore info? Maybe 24680 can figure this out?

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