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County Health Services: Statement On The Guilty Verdict In George Floyd Murder Trial


Today’s verdict was an important moment of accountability in the tragic murder of George Floyd. He and his family were unnecessarily robbed of a future at the hands of a system steeped in racism and injustice. This verdict is a compelling reminder of the work still to be done. We must continue to act against racism. This act of excessive use of force will forever leave a stain on our country and in our hearts.

Contra Costa Health Services mission is to care for and improve the health of all people in Contra Costa County. All people. We remain committed to working in partnership with our community to advance the struggle against racism and realize true progress toward health equity for all people.

Our thoughts are with the family of Mr. Floyd and anyone else struggling with this and the many other acts of violence and murders we have witnessed. It is a small measure of justice for our loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors in the Black community who have long called our attention to systemic racism, injustice, and inequity. We stand together, by your side, against injustice. While nothing can change the outcome of the tragic day when Mr. Floyd lost his life; we hope today’s verdict helps us to begin the process of healing for all of us. 


  1. Why on earth, beyond political grandstanding and axe-grinding is our county HEALTH DEPT issuing a press release about a criminal case in Minnesota?!? It’s not like they have idle time while dealing with perhaps the largest public health crisis in their careers right here in Contra Costa County, California.

    Just do your actual job please and save us the social justice lecture that has absolutely no bearing on your role in Contra Costa County, California. Save your “woke” statements for your time “off duty” and just do your damn ACTUAL jobs.

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