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San Ramon PD Arrests Three Teens Suspected Of Pleasanton Armed Robbery Saturday

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A trio of teenagers who allegedly went on a shopping spree after robbing a Pleasanton couple in the driveway of their home over the weekend were taken into custody by San Ramon police.

Things got off to a bad start at approximately 1 p.m. Saturday in a neighborhood off Hopyard Road near Ken Mercer Sports Park when a couple returning home from shopping were confronted by two teens dressed in dark clothing as they were getting out of their car.

One of the teens brandished a pistol, threatened the male half of the couple and ordered him to hand over his wallet. The second youth advanced on the woman, taking her watch and groceries she was carrying, according to police.

Police say that after leaving the couple, who were physically unharmed, the two thieves ran to a waiting car and fled the area. Soon after, a victim’s credit cards were put to use at a Target store in San Ramon, triggering fraud alerts and coming to the attention of investigators.

Officers watched store surveillance video of the suspects and were able to identify their car, which they located on Bollinger Canyon Road at approximately 2:30 p.m., police said.

Three youths were detained by police while their car was searched. Officers reportedly recovered a loaded pistol, the victim’s wallet, credit cards, a victim’s watch and groceries taken during the robbery.

Three youths: Michael Walker III, 19, of Richmond; Raymond Davis III, 18, of San Pablo; and a 17-year-old boy whose hometown was not given were arrested. Walker and Davis were booked into Santa Rita Jail while the juvenile was booked at Alameda County Juvenile Hall, police said.


  1. Bad guys emerging from pandemic lockdown…there seems to be a spike in strongarm hold ups in and around 24/680 corridor..our neighborhood! Hats off to law enforcement for a quick apprehension.

      • I think it’s all the conservative tropes thats making people crazy. So boring and off base they’re making people crazy.

  2. I really do hope our courts are getting serious about this type of strong arm gun toting robbery. If people feel that courts are not issuing the most severe penalty there will be more law abiding citizens taking up guns for self protection. Which is not good!!!!

    I will suggest that people should start the habit of backing into their driveways, both for armed robbery awareness/ie drive away, and fire season preparedness👍.

    • Try violent criminals or thugs.

      Who carries around a handgun, and who decides to threaten someone’s life over $20 or $200?

      • Funny you didn’t make any of these racist dog-whistle comments when you found out the person involved in the armed robbery last weekend in WC was white. Your little white hood is showing Danielle.

        • Lock up all the violent criminals who threaten innocent lives.

          Funny, someone mentioned the young criminals might be hungry. Huh? Multiple free food banks, and what young teenager have I not seen w McDonalds, Starbucks, expensive tennis shoes & even bling?

  3. But you had nothing more to say when you found out the perp in last Saturday’s armed robbery in Walnut Creek was white. You probably just wondered what went wrong in the poor white kids life to make him have to resort to such a thing. Instead we had comments like, “that’s pretty young for an armed robbery” even though the ages are the exact same!

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