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Collision At Lafayette Roundabout Leaves Cyclist Critically Injured Tuesday


Traffic in and out of the Lafayette Roundabout at Olympic Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road has been closed in all but one direction Tuesday after a car vs. bicyclist crash that left the rider seriously injured.

The accident was reported shortly before 7 a.m. Video from the scene shows a white van with right front end damage pulled to the side of the road and Lafayette police officers sealing off the roundabout for investigation.

Police said nurse and a doctor from John Muir Medical Center and a firefighter from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, who happened to pass by, immediately began to render aid to the bicyclist who was injured. Officers arrived on scene along with the fire department which took over medical care for the victim. The bicyclist was transported to a local hospital. He is reported to be in critical condition.

An investigation into the collision is ongoing. The driver of the vehicle has been cooperating with police. The Lafayette Police Department is asking anyone with information on this collision to contact detectives at (925) 283-3680 or (925) 299-3234. Tips could also be emailed to the Lafayette Police Department at: 94549TIP@gmail.com.


  1. Prayers and nothing but prayers for all concerned. It has been a bad time for b oth motorists and cyclists.

  2. According to Mt Diablo cyclists the injured cyclist has died. So sad that Lafayette has had so many pedestrians and cycling fatalities

    • We haven’t had that confirmed, yet, Eric, and have been hoping for the best since this occurred but we were aware his injuries were extensive. Terrible shock for all who knew him, we know.

  3. Sadly, only the first cyclist death at the car friendly round about. I find it really hard to believe such an experienced cyclist was not riding safely. Why is it assumed it was an “accident.”. I’m not saying the driver intentionally hit the cyclist, but when you have something that happens regularly because of a fundamental infrastructure problem, i.e. roads designed for cars, is it really an accident or something we know is going to happen. Why is the driver always let go and not charged? I see it everyday, impatient, entitled drivers who put a neighbors life in danger in an effort to shave two seconds off their commute. Was the car obeying the three foot rule? If not, it is murder in my opinion and the driver should be charged. The front end damage to that suv doesn’t look like an accident, it looks like a driver who was not obeying the law and plowed away someone’s life as a result. Please be safe. Please start prosecuting drivers who murder cyclists and support safer infrastructure. Sadly he is is probably only the first cyclist we lose at the car roundabout.

  4. I was almost hit there on my bicycle. There is a very good bike lane that merges into the car lane right at the round about. It is painted bright green. I merged in front of a car that all of the sudden realized that she wanted to turn right on Pleasant Hill and veered into to right lane right in front of me. I think the idea of the round about was to slow down traffic but it is not culturally something that we’re used to in California. I think it was safer as a four way stop.

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