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Wrong-Way Driver Kills Two On I680 In Danville Sunday; Faces DUI And Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

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A 27-year-old Concord woman was arrested on suspicion of felony Driving While Intoxicated and Vehicular Manslaughter after the car she was allegedly driving the wrong way down I680 struck a northbound vehicle – killing the two people inside.

Sunday’s crash in the northbound lanes of I680 near El Pintado killed Nettie Perkett, 46, and Taurean Lee, 26, both of Antioch. Friends said the pair were coworkers on their way home after their shift.

CHP investigators said they received reports of a wrong-way driver traveling south in the northbound lanes at around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, arriving to find that a 2020 Ford Fusion driven by Camille Vera Anne Kimball, 27, of Concord had struck a 2012 Honda Civic head-on north of El Pintado Road.

Kimball was located and detained, police and firefighters determining she had suffered non life-threatening injuries in the crash. Perkett and Lee were both declared dead at the scene, according to the CHP.

Police said the victim vehicle was struck by another car after the initial crash but that no injuries resulted in that collision.

Kimball was detained and transported to John Muir hospital, the CHP investigating and eventually arresting her for felony DUI and Vehicular Manslaughter. Due to her injuries, the CHP said, Kimball was admitted to the hospital and is expected to remain there until discharged into police custody for booking into the county jail.

The Highway Patrol is asking anyone who witnessed the collision, the wrong way Ford Fusion vehicle prior to the collision, or the events leading up to the collision, to contact their Martinez office at (925) 646-4980.


  1. Prayers for those victims and for their families. That such a thoughtless act could lead to such sadness. It’s insane.

  2. So so sorry about this. I do actually know what the victims familys are going through and it is the worst possible pain. All I can do is offer my deepest sympathys.

  3. I have no adequate words. I can’t imagine what this must be like. So much pain and for something so stupid.

  4. I read this and couldn’t help but think what it must be like to by in a hospital bed. Handcuffed? People passing by and pointing at you, knowing that you had killed two people. I think I’d lose my mind.

    • I couldn’t tell you if she had previous offenses, but the last time i talked to her, a little over a year ago she had almost 3 years sober. We were in a treatment program together. It’s a sad feeling for both parties involved. I don’t condone anything she did and am deeply affected by this. I am praying for both the families. This is just stupid and tragic.

  5. Believe the editor here has seen this a time or two. Remember a incident in Pleasanton your wrote about pretty moving.

  6. How drunk do you have to be in order to drive on the wrong side of the freeway, my God. The two people that were killed weren’t family, they were coworkers on their way home from work. My heart breaks for the family especially the young man who has a 2 year old daughter that he was sole provider for.😭😭

  7. They both had families my cousin my daughter is left without a mother and her co-worker he had a two year old daughter this is unbelievable.. #speakoutagainstdrunkdrivers

  8. It still feels like it just happened I miss you so much Nettie Perkett my cousin my bestfriend RIP. RIP Taurean LEE

  9. This has been the hardest times of my life!!! Come June 7 three years and let’s just say crying and dragging a bag of boulders is what my life has been. Taurean daughter is 5 now and ask about him often. My health is bad because living with pain hurts. He was my only child!!!! Wow!!! He would have been 29 come may 12th this year. I did make a Documentary of his life story that made it into north Hollywood film festival.

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