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Fatal Crash On Northbound I680 In Danville Sunday

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Two people were killed in a multiple car, multiple injury collision on northbound I680 south of El Cerro in Danville early Sunday.

The crash was reported just before 4 a.m. with fire and California Highway Patrol officers locating several cars strewn along the stretch of road. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports that the crash may have been caused by a wrong-way driver could not be immediately confirmed.

CHP officers declared a SigAlert for that stretch of highway while conducting their investigation of the crash, diverting traffic off the freeway onto El Cerro while they collected evidence.


    • And another, about an hour ago now, also fatal… on San Pablo Dam Road at I80… or were you referencing that incident? Afraid we’re in news triage now and will have to circle back… thanks for writing.

  1. Got the flash and heard all the sirens. So sorry tohear people lost their lives. Terrible start to Sunday.

  2. DUI related crash. Condolences to those who lost loved ones. And hugs to those effected by this. Everyone gets effected by these types of tragedies….
    Note: if anyone is effected by Alcoholism please get help. It’s a disease of denial so hard to surrender to. There is help for those effected by others alcoholism. 12 step programs.

  3. My cousin’s daughter is left without a mother and her co-worker daughter as love without a dad hope Justice is served

  4. It could have been any one of us. Our sympathies. That’s all we can give and we know it’s not enough.

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