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And Now, A Word For Our Flashers…


We have this nifty little alert system set up and it has proven quite popular. Many of you know we call it The Flash – for those nerve jangling alerts we used to get on our newsroom wire machines way back when.

We’ve always advised interested parties to sign up for this gizmo – which we deliver via text to your phones in time of high stress and need – during “down” periods and calmer times in order to avoid panic signups and mistakes.

But, our Flashers are human, and they signed up in droves when the you- know-what was hitting the fan. We’re onboarding you all as fast as we can but, well, there are lots of you and we don’t want anyone feeling left out.

Please – if you feel you’re not getting The Flash, remember: the News drives the Flash, and you may not get an alert for a bit before… whammo… you’re inundated. Understanding is key. If you feel there’s an issue, just contact us and there are things we can do to test the system and make it work. We don’t need your $10 that badly so please stay friendly

Things to Know:

  • Please try to sign up with your given name as married names, pet names etc., while perfectly legitimate, can confuse us when we don’t need to be confused when dealing with thousands of users, breaking news, and time ticking by in precious seconds…
  • Remember to hit the Subscribe Now button and pay the whopping $10 for 3 months of The Flash or your subscription, well, will not be a subscription…
  • Please remember to provide us with the correct phone number, carrier, and desired area of coverage on signup and please let us know if you sign up and then change carriers as we have no way to know when you do this and it will stop The Flash from reaching you.
  • Also, please remember that news can happen at any time and – while we try to be considerate – it is possible you’ll get an alert, or several alerts, at O’ Early Thirty. Please adjust your phones accordingly. We don’t want to wake the baby.

That should do it. Don’t want to get long-winded. If you have a question feel free to ask. Oh, yes, The Flash has turned into yet another, effective method of communicating with us and has proven invaluable both in our letting Flashers know what is happening in their neighborhoods as well as Flashers letting us know what’s going on. Fast and Mobile – that’s our creed.

Carry on… and Keep Flashing.

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