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More Protests Planned In The 24/680 Wednesday

Screencapture from an online flyer for a planned protest in Danville/San Ramon

The wave of protests sweeping the county following the death of a Minneapolis man at the hands of police continues to roil Wednesday with planned demonstrations in Danville-San Ramon and other “actions” signaled for other areas.

Local businesses have hardened their storefronts accordingly, as have many public offices and buildings, in advance of planned demonstrations in San Ramon and elsewhere. Some local businesses have reportedly hired armed security services to protect their buildings.

Residents in Danville and San Ramon have reported “board-up” measures being taken in advance of expected protests, along the lines of actions taken in towns and cities elsewhere in the 24/680. Many people pointed to yesterday’s boisterous action in little Clayton as reason for all their precautionary measures.

“I think most of us were hoping these would remain peaceful, meaningful protests expressing a point of view many people have about life in America today,” Walnut Creek resident David Rojas said Tuesday. “But when you have freeways getting overrun, businesses looted and tear gas going off, people think differently.”


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