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PD Squares Off With Protestors In Clayton; Tear Gas Soccer Match Ensues After Crowd Ignores Curfew Order


Rumors of a planned confrontation in little Clayton were borne out Tuesday after a sizable group of demonstrators turned up, stayed past the recently imposed 6 p.m. curfew and refused police orders to disperse.

A crowd of about 100 protestors, their number swollen by the arrival of others who had been marching in Concord, stayed past the 6 p.m. deadline – chanting and taking the hard stares and occasional taunts of a group of locals who said they had come out to “protect the town.”

Police attempted to negotiate a peace and make sure both groups left the area but, eventually, smoke canisters and tear gas was deployed to move people along.

A slightly comical football match ensued – with police and protesters kicking the spewing canisters back and forth between their respective skirmish lines.

Officers were eventually able to restore order. It was not immediately known if any damage had been done to local businesses, which did board up protectively earlier in the week.


  1. This website writes: “PD”, “Police”, “Officers”…from what jurisdiction? For those of us keeping score, do any of these law enforcement persons report to Sheriff Livingston, for example? Did they drive police vehicles??? Was there writing on those vehicles…I mean other than “to protect and serve”?? This is no time to be vague about these things. Now is a time of accountability! We want good policing. How do we get that for everyone?

    I don’t know who the protesters are, good or bad, but you can at least report who is confronting them under color of authority!

    “A slightly comical football match ensued”. You stand by that?

    • As we’re sure you’re aware, the Sheriff provides contract police services to many of the towns/cities in this area. As Clayton has a relative small force they did get support from other areas, including the sheriff. Did we stop to count cars? No. Did we stop to ID individual officers, departments? We did not. Many are in standard black jumpsuits with Police on front and back. And, yes, we’re standing by our statement.

      • In fact, I don’t know who polices a small town like Clayton; that is why it would be useful information. PD is not useful. This is a time for people to account for their actions, good and bad. The moment is now, as I’m “sure you’re aware”. It is not every day that the president threatens to mobilize the military to suppress public dissent over his tenure.

      • David, were you one of the children in the crowd throwing a tantrum and screaming at the police for protecting the small community there?

    • Order of battle unclear as Clayton PD is a small force and did get mutual aid support but we assume the order came from their chief/incident commander.

  2. My posts are not appearing. So, a follow up question.
    You posited: “A slightly comical football match ensued”. I ask you, did the participants share in the amusement?

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