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Lafayette Loses Money – Not Quite A Native Son, But Close


His given name was Edward Joseph Mahoney but he was known professionally as Eddie Money and he rocked hard in the 1970s and 80s, logging a string of Top 40 cookers and platinum albums.

A few Lamorindans remember that he landed here and stayed for some time, appearing occasionally and contributing to the local lore – which many have conflated over the years.

If you have a LamoMoney Story – feel free to drop it in here.


  1. Not quite an Eddie story but close. I was working hard to land a date with the perceived love of my life when she finally agreed to acknowledge my existence and attend a party in Lafayette with me. This was in the Seventies sometimes. The Seventies were a blur for me sorry. We get there and she was looking particularly good and I was feeling particularly good and who walks in but… no NOT Eddie but his drummer. Apparently he had several. This guy never said a word but the next thing I know my date is gone and the two of them are in the bathroom together apparently inspecting the calking on the tub. I’m sitting on the couch and people are laughing and when they finally come out the drummer takes off with ANOTHER girl and my date is looking at me like I’m chopped liver. She kind of tried to apologize but I remember telling her — through my tears — that it was cool because I probably would have done the same thing. Good times.

  2. Rest in peace Eddie Money. I always enjoyed you in concert, and had the pleasure of meeting you a few times. You will be missed.

  3. When in HS in the early 80’s I met Mr. Money at a friends house. My friends family owned a bar in Oakland and he was a customer/friend. He signed a dollar bill for me and I still have it somewhere. My friend and a couple of us did yard work at his home on Moraga Rd once. He was nothing but nice. RIP

  4. Back in the mid 70’s while attending Pinole Valley High School, there was a group of us who’d hang out at a club in Berkeley on University Ave @ 10th called Jerry’s Stop Sign (formerly the Mandrake) Jerry would let us highschoolers in to drink beer & listen to local bands. One notable band from El Sobrante called Backroad was playing this particular night and they said they’d like to introduce us to a friend from New York City named Eddie Money. He took the stage to sit in for a couple of songs wearing a top hat and scarf. He kinda had a Rod Stewart look going on. He was full of energy & showmanship and rock it, hard! Over the next few months I saw him again at the Longbranch & Keystone Berkeley. Soon after, Bill Graham took him under his wing and Eddie hit it big.

    Fast forward to about 10 years ago, the Mrs. & I bought a house in Lafayette. One of the first things I thought is we’d be neighbors with Eddie but it seems he’d moved South by then.

    Rest in Paradise Eddie, you earned it!

  5. Was at a movie theater in the early 80’s, sitting towards the back when a commotion started about 25 rows up. In the end, it was Eddie getting tossed. For firing up a smoke in the theater! Huge fan. RIP Eddie.

  6. Saw Eddie at Cybelle’s in early 80’s and he was totally bombed. He was wearing dark sunglasses and stumbling around, grabbed his slice of pizza and took off on his bike. I was about 12 yrs old and remember how cool I thought it was that we were both riding bikes that day

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