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Thunder Runs, Bad Boys And Blackouts – It’s Thursday In The 24/680!


If that “No Rest for the Wicked” adage holds true we must be really, really bad because our candlestick phones are jangling and that newfangled email system we have from the InterWeb has been burning red hot! No sleep for us here in the news bunker.

Experience has shown us that news comes in bursts and when you least expect it (so we pretty much go around expecting the worst all the time!) and that proved true again last night and into this morning as the News Gods got together and said: “Let’s have some fun with the humans today!”

Our small crew was scattered, trying to salvage what’s left of our pitiful lives – bingeing on neglected television shows and getting reacquainted with friends and loved ones when WHAM, our phones started going off and the Jungle Drums started to beat.

Burglaries. Extreme psychotic breakage. A 120mph Thunder Run right through us – with the scofflaws running on the 680 before leaving us westbound on Highway 24. More police action with a sheriff’s car rammed and another pursuit down Highway 242 which ended when the bad guy used “Crazy Ivan” driving techniques to shake police.

And, oh yeah, then there was that blackout in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek, just to keep things interesting.

Nutty night and our espresso machine is working overtime to get the troops powered up sufficiently this morning to gather what info is out there and, hopefully, into some news stories. A couple of them sound delightful. We’ll see.

Stick around. There are a million stories in the 24/680. We aim to find the best ones.



  1. Your Flashes were a hoot last night. Liked it when the bad guys started throwing shit out of the sunroof!

    • @Dawn – Hey, Dawn. It’s a term we borrowed from Mr. Clancy’s “Hunt For Red October.” It’s the term an American sonarman used to describe the maneuvers a Russian sub captain takes trying to shake off a pursuer.

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