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Gearhead Alert: Lafayette PD Looking For Additional Details On Suspected Burglary Car


Lafayette police are attempting to get some additional information on the year, type, number of French Fries under the front seat, etc., of this Nissan XTerra, sought in connection with a commercial burglary in town recently. 

Veteran readers and Gearjammers know that the PD knows we have a following of folks who know their way around things that go “wrrooom” and they ask the Citizen Crime Lab to pitch in from time to time.

Photos of this rig as it rolled through town recently are quite good, as you can see. You’ve done a lot more with a lot less, we know. So have at it if you wish.


  1. Without seeing the front, it’s almost impossible to tell between the 1999-01 and the 2002-04. Either way, it’s an Xterra XE, because it has the step rails and roof rails, which were not on the base model.

    2nd Gen Xterras had more pronounced fenders.

    Those are aftermarket rims/tires, brush guards on the tail lamps.

  2. OK – that frontal shot pins it as a 2002 – 2004 Xterra XE (possibly an SE V6 with options). Paint color: Silver Ice Clearcoat Metallic.

    • @GF – Wow, yes, impressive display of automotive knowledge. Okay, how much spare change is rattling around the front seats? (Nice work. We’ll see what happens…)

  3. Although, it could be darker – hard to tell from the B&W photos. Some show high contrast between the paint and the bumper cladding, while others don’t.

    • @GF – Bumper cladding. Yeah, bumper cladding… and then there’s the danglebitz and the way it connects to the knocherfrocker… Love it when you guys start talking cars. We learn so much!

  4. Working as a professional automotive-media maker / journalist since about 2000 has filled my brain with all sorts of mostly-useless automotive data points. Reach out any time – you have my email…

  5. And, according to my calculations, there is no loose change under the seats, which is why the driver is resorting to theft.

  6. @Danielle – But it is missing its factory trailer hitch, so the most I’d pay for it would be 10,500. That’s my final offer!

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