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San Ramon PD – Alert Civilian – Team Up To Take Down Two Suspected Auto Burglars Tuesday

What they're after - and the tools they use to get them. Photo: SRPD

The Jungle Drums that are our Tip Lines lit up Tuesday evening as San Ramon residents wrote us asking about an ongoing police action in the Market Place area last night.

Police say an alert citizen called officers regarding a suspicious person and car in the shopping area parking lot and police responded, getting there in time to descend on a car matching the resident’s description as its driver was attempting to leave the area.

A traffic stop was conducted and property was located that was ultimately determined to have been taken during two auto burglaries that had just occurred in that area, according to police. The driver of the car was detained while police worked to find the owners of objects taken in the thefts.

A second man believed to have been working with the driver was spotted walking with a computer bag over his shoulder a short distance away and was also stopped and determined to be in possession of property stolen during one of the auto burglaries.

Both men were arrested and the stolen items returned to their owners.


  1. Those are burglary tools? My phone is a flashlight, and I can break a window with my elbow every time. Am I carrying burglary tools and should I be concealing those for my own safety? I do tend to wear long sleeves already, and I carry my phone in my rear pocket because I don’t want to look like a chucklehead but still, am I under suspicion?

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