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Orinda PD Tracks, Arrests Wilder Mailbox Raider

File Photo/Orinda PD

Orinda police detectives were able to post a satisfying victory in their seemingly endless effort combatting package thieves and mail raiders last week – digging up sufficient evidence to arrest a 27-year-old Antioch man after an earlier incident at Wilder.

Police said Eric Meals was allegedly captured on video while burglarizing mailboxes at the development. Chief Mark Nagel said Meals was able to get away that night but that detectives, working from the video and a description of the car used, tracked Meals to his home city and took him into custody.

Nagel said Meals had an outstanding arrest warrant out for him, as well, when he was arrested Dec. 21. The chief credited the “good work” of detectives with bringing Meals to justice.



  1. Good job OPD! What out of town thieves need to keep in mind – cameras are EVERYWHERE in Lamorinda. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  2. On 2/2/16 at 6:19 pm, Antioch officers were aware of a burglary of a house in Brentwood in which 25 year old Eric Meals was a suspect and a suspect vehicle plate was provided. An Antioch officer was on patrol when he saw the vehicle in the Rite Aid lot on 18th Street. The officer contacted and detained Meals, 35 year old Alfred Noblitt, and 28 year old Manuel Hook. Brentwood PD Detectives responded to take over the investigation and custody of the suspects. Several items stolen in the burglary were recovered from the vehicle.

    • @Trenz – Hmm. We guess this is one of those rare instances when jail/prison didn’t lead to behavioral reform!

  3. I think after his last arrest, that he was just turned loose on the public again. The police do a wonderful job trying to catch these thugs, but liberal California judges just turn them loose again. That is what’s happening!

  4. California voters reaping what we’ve sown.

    A quick google of “‘Eric Meals’ Antioch” and it looks like this same guy was arrested in 2016 for burglary and in 2015 for identity theft (when he was an employee at BofA). No surprises here – CA has become too soft on crime, and repeat offenses like this are the result. Theft is easy money for criminals with too little downside. He’ll be out soon.

  5. Guess who’s baaaack! It’s ur bud ea$y money..
    And fyi to all you creeping ass fool’s. For the record the Orinda thing wasn’t me.. sorry to disappoint. The rest I ain’t gonna lie about but that one… not me.. just someone who spun a story to get me arrested.. only spent 6 days on that one.

  6. I knew Eric before he became a studio gangsta hard core Killa thug life livin kid from the ‘burbs.. The cops have his number….if he keeps this suburban white kid gangsta lifestyle up…eventually he will get some serious time. Trust me it’s only a matter of time!! He has burned plenty of bridges living his Malibu’s most wanted lifestyle. There are plenty that want him to go away. Scumbags are giving his name to the cops to get themselves out of trouble because they know he’s not a threat to anyone! MORE LIKE “$LEAZY E”….keep on bringing attention to yourself dumbass!!!

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