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SFPD Officer Shoots Himself When Stopped By Police In Richmond Monday


A San Francisco police officer shot and killed himself in his car after he was stopped by Richmond police in a parking lot at Hilltop Mall Monday.

The officer, identified as Antonio Cacatian of Richmond, was stopped by police in that city at approximately 1:30 p.m. A Richmond police spokesman said that after the traffic stop was made the officer conducting the stop heard a muffled shot coming from Cacatian’s car, but couldn’t determine what had happened because of the heavy tint on the car’s windows.

Backup officers eventually fired beanbag rounds at the windows of the car, breaking them. They found Cacatian dead of a gunshot wound inside. A weapon of undisclosed type was recovered.

Richmond police and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office each opened investigations into the death. San Francisco police issued a statement late Monday stating that their investigators were in Richmond Monday – working a case that involved “multiple jurisdictions” and indicating that a warrant had been issued for Cacatian’s arrest.

Police sources said that Cacatian, a nine-year veteran of the SFPD, was being sought for allegedly having sex with a minor in Las Vegas.


  1. The only thing worse than men having sex with a minor is sworn officers (that are men) having sex with a minor. That brings new meaning to “protect and to serve.” Sadly, some men with have sex with anyone – a warm body and a pulse.

    I have ZERO tolerance for pedophiles – he saved the taxpayers money.

  2. Sex with Minor (under 18) not the same as pedophile (sexually attracted to pre-prubescent children), even though both are criminal and morally reprehensible (assuming male is significantly older and/or in a position of power). If a pedophile, then I agree that this may have been a reasonable (or perhaps belated) outcome. If the former, then I need more facts.

    @Danielle: should all men who have sex with 17 year old girls be executed?

  3. Chris – We’ve had this conversation before. The girl in this case is “under the age of 14.” This man was 49 years old. If a 49 year old man is having sex with a girl under the age of 14 (he knew her) than that is child RAPE. Girls under the age of 14 (I don’t know her exact age) are NOT old enough to consent.

    Please quit using “seventeen years old” as an example. You were eighteen, and teenagers in love is NOT the same as child molesters and pedophiles. I have a photographic memory – please don’t tell me anything online you don’t want me to remember the rest of my life.

    If you’re having sex with a child under the age of 14 (14 is the cut off age) then yes, you’re a pedophile, and yes, I want life in prison (or the death penalty) for ALL SEX OFFENDERS.

    According to the experts, sex offenders can’t be cured. The average child molester molests 87 times before he is caught. They need to be locked away from society (for life) for the PROTECTION OF ALL WOMEN AND CHILDREN. PERIOD!

    In the words of an attorney I saw on cable news several years ago “Crimes against children will never be prosecuted to the fullest extent because children aren’t taxpayers and they’re not eligible to vote.” I totally agree. Sadly, most judges, attorneys and jurors ARE PARENTS.

    I stick to my guns (on my opinions) and to this day I’m offended that I wasn’t the first to be kicked off a jury when a sex offender was on trial (a male pedophile working at a day care center in Pinole). I was the second person kicked off (behind a retired LEO) and this was a female public defender who I’d met. I was a juror in a previous trial, and she got an “earful in court in Martinez.” I was UNDER OATH. I went into “full disclosure” how I feel about sex offenders. I didn’t mince my words…

  4. You expect them to know better and when it happens and they go wrong they take it harder than most.

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