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Suspects Fleeing South On I680 Collide With Innocent Driver At Speeds Topping 100mph


A car fleeing from a Danville police unit and a sheriff’s deputy in the Danville area hopped onto southbound Interstate 680 at 12:20 p.m. Thursday and, after accelerating away at speeds well in excess of 100mph – collided with another car near the Sycamore Valley exit.

The occupants of the wanted Chrysler 300 were treated for injuries suffered in the accident and as well as for injuries one of the pair suffered while attempting to flee on foot after the crash.

Danville Police Chief Allan Shields said both men, identified as 31-year-old Alonzo Choyce of Oakland, the driver, and Bryan Clark, 32, of Castro Valley, face multiple charges of probation violation, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Choyce faces additional charges of felony hit and run and evading arrest as he was behind the wheel at the time.

Shields credited an observant citizen with spotting one of the men and giving police a detailed description of his car as it lingered in the area of the car wash at the Chevron station on Hartz Avenue around 12:10 p.m.

“He was able to give a detailed, articulate description of the car and one of our cars was able to locate the Chrysler almost immediately,” Shields said. “The driver turned onto northbound Hartz Avenue and sped away at 90 mph, our officer terminating any pursuit due to speed.”

A description of the car was broadcast, Shields said, and a county sheriff’s deputy noted its description as the Chrysler apparently got onto southbound Interstate 680 at Stone Valley with the sheriff’s deputy, joined by the original Danville PD car, falling in behind.

Shields said the Chrysler pulled away from police with a burst of speed estimated at more than 100 mph and appeared to be attempting to pass a Cadillac traveling in the fast lane when it clipped the Cadillac and impacted with the center median at Sycamore Valley.

“Both the driver and passenger flee the crash on foot,” Shields said. “But both were quickly detained.”

Of the two people in the unfortunate Cadillac one was treated for minor injuries, according to Shields. Both Choyce and Clark were also treated before they were transferred to the Martinez Detention Facility for booking.

The California Highway Patrol promptly shut down part of the freeway immediately after the crash with the resulting tie-up stalling traffic until early afternoon.


  1. I am getting really angry with all the lawlessness that is being allowed to take over the Bay Area, and California. It is due to Prop 47, which is letting all the criminals loose! I bet you anything, that these thugs, that endangered innocent citizens, were either out on parole, or wanted on warrants.
    Damn it! Lock them up. I don’t care about their sob stories of broken families, or being from a different background, etc we need to lock them up, and give them rehabilitation. The current system of catch and release is not working. Not working for their betterment, nor civil society!
    They need to be ‘uncomfortable’ in jail for a while! This current system is NOT working! It is going to get worse, unless we citizens rise up and demand it stop!
    I don’t want to get political here, but will, as I say that the Democratic leaders in the state are the ones that seem to support this soft approach, believing that it is some sort of social-justice. Republicans at state level have tried to tighten things up abit, but are always defeated by the dems.

  2. And no more letting my high schooler read this website. He’s taken to blaming everything on Prop 47. Forgot his lunch? Prop 47’s fault. Didn’t remember to wear a jacket – Prop 47’s fault.

  3. No, it is not just prop 47 alone now, as your elustrious “compassionate” political leaders in California have added a few additional measures to keep criminals out of jail. The point I made above about the system not working to rehabilitate the criminals nor keep us safe was again confirmed with the revelation that this criminal had done the exact same thing last year! How many more chances do we want to give him?.. one of year?, 1 a month?… All of you who support this ‘catch and release, program will change your tune, I’m sure, when you’re victimized.

  4. Chris, let’s forget about Prop. 47 for a moment then. Would you disagree that something is wrong with our system when Mr. Choyce is gifted an annual chance to repeat his crimes? Or does the word “felony” now meant “rinse and repeat”?

  5. Prop. Whatever!!! Our system is broken. Alonzo Choyce should not be allowed back on the streets again until time is served. This is not a game. Next time he could seriously hurt or kill someone.

    • @George – We were definitely holding our breath when this one went down, George. We’ve observed a number of burglars/shoplifters running from police/security using the “Crazy Ivan” driving techniques to throw off pursuers but also, by extension, endangering others who just happen to be on the same roadway.

  6. I’m using Prop 47 wrapping paper for all of our Christmas gifts. There’s one roll left in East Palo Alto…

  7. You key board worriers talk tough on blogs. Do you ever write the politicians and tell them your not going to take it anymore? Do you show up at town halls and raise hell? Do you vote the existing politicians out of office. Or do you send the same people back to office because it’s not your guy that’s the problem. The voters are the problem, we don’t have to live like this!

  8. I want to thank 24-680 for having this story. The fake lousy ECT Mercury news had a press release with bad info from CHP that was it

    • @NCL – Hi and good morning. You’re welcome. Just doing what we do. No agenda behind it. Just the news. Be well.

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