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Locals Buzzing About Rossmoor Bank Robbery Monday


Witnesses contacting this site said three men – who announced to customers and bank employees that they were armed – robbed the Wells Fargo bank branch at Rossmoor Monday, ordering customers to the floor and escaping with a “small” but unspecified amount of money.

Information obtained by NEWS24/680 is that the three, who witnesses said were all wearing black and wearing masks, “rushed” the branch at about 10:50 a.m. Monday, announced their intentions and ordering everyone to the floor.

Walnut Creek police investigators confirmed the incident Tuesday, saying three men entered the bank at 1920 Tice Valley Bl., brandished handguns and stole an undisclosed amount of money. The subjects were last seen driving away in a black pick-up truck Northbound on Tice Valley Bl. There were no injuries to bank personnel and/or anyone on scene, according to police.

A WCPD investigator said officers arrived on scene approximately four minutes after the robbery, locating the black pick-up in the area of Rolling Hills Dr. The vehicle was unoccupied and determined to have been stolen. A Concord PD K-9 unit assisted in conducting a track for suspects with negative results.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the suspects in this crime or who can provide additional information which will assist the Walnut Creek Police Department in identifying the suspects, please contact Detective Leonard at 925-256-3523 or Sergeant David Rangel at 925-256-3573.

The branch closed its doors early while police conducted their investigation of the incident but was open again Tuesday morning. Staff confirmed an “incident” had taken place and that they had been forced to close early but declined to give specifics.



  1. I hope they catch these men. Customers to the floor can be very intimidating, especially in Rossmoor. I’m glad no one was hurt.

  2. They were lucky no one stroked out or had a heart attack. That would have taken this in a whole different direction

  3. worked a t a small bank way back in the day and always wondered when it would be our turn to get robbed. surprised they still do it – risk far outweighs rewards.

  4. These weren’t amateurs. The only type of bank robbery that will yield any type of significant cash is a takeover style like this one. Even so, given that branches don’t carry what I would consider large sums of money, the risk of being shot or serving a long sentence in Federal prison makes bank robbery a very foolish choice.

    • @Tom – Yep. And history has proven that people who attempt this crime come to ill-fated ends. Just look at what happened to Butch and Sundance, and Bonnie and Clyde…

  5. I have often thought the same thing: most small bank branches simply don’t have “disappear in Mexico” money on hand. For huge risk. What’s the point? Dumb.

  6. Bank robbery may seem “foolish or dumb” to us, but we’re law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care. They rob banks because “that’s where the money is.”

    Banks keep more money in the branch than the public is aware of. They have to meet a reserve, and it’s not public knowledge.

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