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Suspected Walnut Creek Yoga Studio Thief Identified

Photos: WCPD

Walnut Creek police investigators say Christopher Newton has been identified as a suspect in a theft of purse at a Yoga studio in Walnut Creek in June 2017 and subsequent fraudulent credit card charges in Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg and San Francisco.

Newton has warrants from three Bay Area jurisdictions related to fraud and Identity Theft, according to police.

Investigators said on two occasions in 2016 and again this year, Newton took a cab to a Walnut Creek yoga studio and then stole a purse from a patron – using the stolen credit cards to make purchases.

Witnesses have described Newton as talking with a “feminine” voice and being “flamboyant.”

If you have any information regarding this suspect and/or his whereabouts, please contact Detective Vevera at 925-943-5875 or vevera@walnutcreekpd.com.

Investigators ask that you do not approach Newton if you see him, but rather notify your local police department.

Also, police advise, if you are attending a yoga class or going to work out, please don’t leave any valuables in an unsecured locker, a common area, or visible in your car that can be taken easily.


  1. You don’t want to hear what I have to say about this and proposition 47, and about the Judges and the California politicians who let this happen, and happen and happen… …. ….

  2. Yes we do Greg – freedom of speech! We “agree to agree on NO ON PROP 47” and agree to disagree that the laws make any difference to criminals. This guy refuses to work for a living whether you give him 6 months or 60 years.

    If you want the “whole day off” hit the lottery or live with your parents rent free. Just quit committing crimes, thank you.

    • @Tom – It does, on its face, but we think it’s more of a combination of factors: tendency of patrons to place valuables in one place (near the door, front desk, etc.) and the fact that patrons are perhaps less likely to put up a fight. Those are broad, sweeping generalizations but we have seen that at other thefts at dance studios, etc.

  3. He’s looking for unattended purses, and he finds them. Yoga studios are targeted, and they pose as yoga students. This guy could easily get away with posing as someone who’s “interested in yoga.” Most men are too masculine to get away with it.

    Yoga studios need to lock the doors once class starts, especially if the lobby is unattended. Ladies – only bring ID with you (if possible).

    • @Danielle – Note to LuluLemon: How about some workout pants with a secured pocket for key and credit card? If you design it, we want 10 percent of sales!

  4. Danielle, I think even if we were to sentence these guys to watch the entire ‘Leave It to Beaver’ TV series, that they would come out better people. And if that doesn’t work, some Sharia law would certainly take care of the problem as they would lose their hands for theft. Gee, both extremes here 🙂 but the route we’re doing now is getting us nowhere and is not helping the criminals.

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