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Broadway Plaza Purse Snatching Takes Victim, Witnesses Off Guard Wednesday

Larhea Frazier. Photo: WCPD

Witnesses who saw the crime unfold say two people boxed in a woman about to cross the street at Broadway Plaza Wednesday morning, a youth in his teens approaching the unsuspecting woman from behind and violently wrenching her cell phone from her hand.

“It happened very quickly,” said Josh Rose, who happened to be nearby when the crime occurred at 10:28 a.m. “A lot of people just stood there, they didn’t know what they had seen.”

Rose and others said the youthful thief appeared to have wrenched the woman’s purse from her arm, dashing to a waiting Chevrolet Impala, which had pulled up ahead of the woman as she waited to cross the street with a driver, believed to be a young woman, at the wheel.

“It happened so fast and we really were caught off guard and almost couldn’t figure out what was going on,” said Erin Bohannan, who was leading a new mom’s group at the time. “… I almost took off to go help, before remembering I was in charge of a bunch of moms and babies, young kids. It was definitely scary.”

Bohannan said one of the moms in her group knew the victim and was with her when the police told her they had caught up to the Impala on the freeway. She said a car behind the Impala at the time of the robbery took off after it, delivering license plate information and a description to police.

“That woman is awesome!” Bohannan said of the witness.

In a post to the Walnut Creek Police Facebook page Friday evening, the department posted a picture of an adult suspect in the case, 18-year-old Larhea Frazier of Pittsburg,  and additional details:

“An astute citizen who witnessed the crime, called 911 and gave a description and direction of travel.

WCPD patrol officers spotted and stopped the suspect vehicle a short time later. During the traffic stop, officers found the stolen phone and obtained incriminating statements from the suspects who were arrested for robbery.

On 3/24/17, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and filed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges against both the juvenile and adult suspects.”

Both suspects are from Pittsburg, according to police. The juvenile suspect was not identified because of his age.


  1. I’m so glad the Walnut Creek Police made an arrest!
    I was in Walnut Creek at the very same time but at the other end.
    Walnut Creek is not the same city anymore . With the additional glitz, I’m aldo seeing a lot more scary looking people there . Frankly, they don’t look like shoppers , but like people from lower areas ,kind of cruising around.
    I’m sorry how that sounded, but that’s how it hit me.

  2. Greg T, I totally agree and don’t think there’s any need to apologize for calling it like it is. My quick take is that Concord is slowly becoming the next Pittsburg/Antioch (which will eventually turn into “West Stockton”), Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill are becoming the next Concord, and Lafayette is becoming the next Walnut Creek. I think the Lafayette city government needs to restrain the level of growth/development it encourages going forward- look at how crowded downtown Lafayette has become in recent years, and the undesirable elements that have come with that. Just a couple weeks ago there was a mugging on Golden Gate Ave.

  3. Thank you, ‘ Raised in Laf ‘.
    I think a lot of us have noticed this trend and fear it, but we’re trying to walk that balanced line of being observant and fair, and not being judgemental.
    As stated I was in Walnut Creek at the same time but at the other end of Broadway Plaza. Oddly, I spotted a Chevy Impala that caught my eye because it had tinted windows and loud exhaust pipes and was cruising around. I now believe it was the same car. Again we can’t be judgemental but certain things look out of place and deserve a second look. Possibly we need to stop being too ‘politically correct’.
    Regarding crime and unsavory trends moving closer to Lamorinda area,
    I do trust in the good strong proactive law enforcement in the area to keep the area safe. I also know that the Walnut Creek Police are on the ball and holding the line in that city. This is so very important! I truly believe that as Concord became very relaxed and accepting in the last 10 – 15 years, is when all the negative trends took hold there, and once established, pretty much impossible to reverse. Talk to any Concord resident about how bad it’s gotten there.
    A citizen support our local police, and not be too gullible.

  4. Glad to hear people speaking openly about what’s happening in the area. When that murder happened in Walnut Creek and I talked about the fact that Walnut Creek has become less safe in recent years I received flack from a few people but there is a noticeable difference in my opinion.

  5. Sadly, all areas are becoming less safe. Society has changed, and not for the better. Also, our tolerance level changes as we age. Once again – not for the better.

    As far as cell phones – I’m living cell phone free – personally and professionally. I didn’t grow up on technology, and I don’t need one. To me, it’s just an annoyance (I don’t need to stay constantly connected – I like my freedom) and another gadget to steal. Electronics will set you up for theft. No thank you.

    I feel safe in Walnut Creek. My cautious mindset isn’t for everyone, but it works well for me.

  6. @Raised in Laf: Hold on. You are saying Pittsburg–>Concord–>Walnut Creek–>Lafayette. Does that mean (gulp) that Orinda will become the next (double gulp) Lafayette!!!!????!?!?!?!? Oh, the horror!! Time to move to Piedmont I guess. I mean, there’s nothing bad coming from the west of Piedmont, right? Maybe safer to set up camp in the Fourth Bore.

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