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US Bank In San Ramon Robbed Tuesday


In a busy afternoon for law enforcement in the 24/680, a lone gunman entered the US Bank branch at 2821 Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon Tuesday, relieving it of an undetermined amount of money before running off across the bank parking lot and apparently getting away.

Officers flooded the area shortly after the robbery was reported at about 1:20 p.m.  They mounted a search and called for a canine officer to help track the suspect, but were apparently unable to locate the robber, described as a white male in his 40s wearing a blue hoodie, sunglasses, and blue jeans.

Employees said the man brandished a small chrome or nickel-plated revolver to back up his demand for money. The amount of money taken was not divulged.


  1. Boy, that bank branch is hit alot. I guess easy freeway access and bus lines make this possible, despite continuous crazy traffic in the area.

  2. It’s freeway access. I’ve seen that branch get robbed (he was running out of the branch while I was sitting at the light) and I’ve never lived in San Ramon. I was visiting my brother.

  3. Brandished a weapon? Wow. He was serious. I guess he read the study that revealed about a third of “note robberies” (those where the robber simply passes a note) are unsuccessful, i.e., robber leaves empty-handed.

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