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Burglars Find Two Homes In Lafayette’s Hidden Valley

File Photo: LPD

Lafayette police are seeking any information the public may have on two separate but seemingly related burglaries in the Hidden Valley neighborhood July 6 and July 15.

Police said a thief or thieves entered residences in the 4100 block of Hidden Valley Road and the 100 block of White Oak Dr. on those dates while the homeowners were away for very short times and thoroughly ransacked both residences – using a single pillowcase from the bedroom to haul away jewelry, documents and other items, according to police.

Investigators are looking to speak with anyone who may have seen anything unusual in the neighborhood between 7:15 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. on the 6 and 11 a.m. and 7 p.m on the 15th. A review of home surveillance system footage for homes in the area is also being requested, with residents asked to contact police if they find anything suspicious.

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  1. So as we have learned from reading this site the burglars were either sitting right on top of that one house waiting for the owners to leave or they are the next door neighbors — an option I prefer not to think about. Apparently it doesn’t take too long to break into a home and ransack it. I wish there was an ANGRY button here – this shit makes me really angry.

  2. There have got to be a lot of cameras and alarms at homes in that area. But these people don’t seem very put off by that. I guess it’s risk versus reward. For a (relatively) low risk they stand to get away with a lot — documents, jewlery, electronics.

  3. We’re not talking about master criminals here — I’ve always been amazed how they are able to do what they do without being seen or heard.

  4. Crime is everywhere, and most burglars aren’t caught. All we can do is stay vigilant and report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

  5. @John Tenney – Thanks, John, that one came direct from PD. They may be referring to the “Unit Block” or initial block on White Oak but we went with what they reported. Keep Sayin’!

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