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So Long, Jack, It Has Been A Long Ride… Moraga Jack In The Box Closes


Moraga’s Jack In The Box outpost, a mainstay fast food dispensary for almost half a century – has closed its doors, as this site reported last week.JackCloses2

A thin stream of disappointed customers pressed their faces up against the plate glass doors Wednesday to read a brief notice entreating customers to visit the franchises other locations. Another window sticker rather ironically asked how customers viewed their visit.

“They’re closed?” everyone seemed to be saying, including Ezequiel Sandoval of Pittsburg, in town with his landscaping crew and hoping to pick up lunch. “I came here last week.”

No specific reason was given for the closure, which was kept a closely held secret for some reason, workers telling NEWS24/680 they were not allowed to talk about the shutdown.

In any case, locals and visitors looking for a fast food lunch option will have to search elsewhere as the fast food landscape appears headed for change in Moraga.

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  1. I vote for no fast food chains in Moraga. Are we going to have more abandoned bank branches or fast food stores by the end of the year?

  2. Ate there once in 1972/
    Spent the next two days sittin’ on the loo/

    I wasn’t hungry that night o no far from it/
    Just lookin’ for some fries, maybe sum ketchup/

    Saw a lady standing behind the counter/
    She didn’t say a word, just clocked me with a powerhouse rounder/

    “No ketchup, no ketchup” she yell’d over and over/
    Felt like I’d been hit by a spinning bulldozer/

    Paid 3 bucks and more for those fries that night/
    Learned how to duck a powerhouse right/

    But that’s not all, not the only lesson I learned/
    Sittin’ on the loo, intestines a churnin’/

    Eating at JIB can fill a man with wonder/
    ‘Specially when it leaves his stomach asunder/

    Tomaine closin’ in/
    yeh, sweet tomaine closin’ in/

    — Sung to Night Moves/Bob Segar

  3. Seems like fast food is fast disappearing — at least in Lamorinda. Or is it just Moraga? People shopping elsewhere and doing their own cooking at home?

  4. They sure kept this closure on the down lo. At least they tried to. Landscapers still dropping by the store today.

  5. A favorite with landscapers, painters, hard hats of all sorts. Se habla Espanol at jitb and bk and perhaps that added to the comfort level for some crews. Where do they take their business now?
    There’s a funny line from Demolition Man (lousy movie) along the lines that “after the franchise wars”, “All restaurants are Taco Bell.” Pray it isn’t so.

  6. My understanding is that business couldn’t keep pace with the rent. It sure looks lonely blacked out there at night.

  7. This has been like talk of the town for a week now. I hold this site responsible. BTW the next business in will be a Mcdonalds or a Burger King or a Carls Junion or an Arbies. I got my info straight from the guy who sweeps the parking lot at night…

  8. The whole sector is circling the drain as America rethinkis its eating and spending habits. More people buying healthier food and eating at home. This story is a localized example of the change coming to the industry. I also am anxious to hear what might replace JIB at that location.

  9. Someone may want to roll up that construction tape around the parking lot. It looks like a crime scene over there.

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