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“Construction Hat” Bandits Rob Orinda Bank Of The West Friday

Photo: Google Maps

A sleepy Friday morning in downtown Orinda was disrupted at 9:12 a.m. when two black men wearing “construction-type” gear entered the Bank of the West branch at 21 Moraga Way, approached a teller and passed over a note demanding money.

Police Chief Mark Nagel said the teller handed over an undetermined amount of cash.

Nagel said at least one of the men was wearing a yellow construction hard hat and reflective vest, attire adopted by other thieves in our recent past. The chief said the pair left the bank and walked off in the direction of Highway 24. It was not immediately known if they left the area on foot or by car.

Investigators said they were interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance camera footage in an effort to identify the pair.

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  1. I’ll never understand why banks don’t give “dye packs” to more bank robbers. I would think it would decrease bank robberies. Or is it easier to have the “we’re insured” mindset? Give armed robbers the cash, and unarmed robbers dye packs.

  2. I agree with Danielle: why don’t banks give out those exploding dye packs with the money anymore?
    Also, I have a fleeting thought, and statement that I’m sure will make some mad , but at times I wish we could just close the tunnel off to keep all these crooks out.

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