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Danville Woman Gets Prison For Coast-To-Coast Marijuana Distribution; Money Laundering


A Danville woman has been sentenced to two years in prison for running an illegal cross-country marijuana distribution ring.

Federal prosecutors in Syracuse, New York said 31-year-old Simona Borissova of Danville was also sentenced recently to three years of supervised release and ordered to forfeit nearly $275,000 in a money judgment.

Borissova pleaded guilty in February to marijuana distribution and money laundering charges.

Prosecutors maintained that while living in Nevada from 2011 to August 2015 Borissova had marijuana driven from her parents’ pot farm to various stash houses in Las Vegas. From there, it was alleged, others involved in the operation would ship the marijuana to Utica, New York, and other cities around the country.

The buyers deposited money in bank accounts held by Borissova, who would use the funds to purchase more pot and pay expenses, prosecutors said.

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  1. it is time to legalize. Control the supply chain and tax the revenue. There are far more worse substances for human consumption that are legal. Cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, and while not consumed, distracted drivers as they snapshat/message their way around town with eyes down in their lap.

  2. Hmmh! Weed is still for sale. Incentives for selling drugs illegally are still in place. War on drugs continues, unsuccessful, unabated. And marijuana is a Schedule II narcotic, like heroin, for political and “cultural heritage” reasons. (We all know where marijuana was first popularized, or we all should. No one has ever OD’ed from weed) A Class II definition declares that the drug has no medicinal value, except that it clearly does in cases of nausea and weight loss and certain types of unremitting seizures. This makes it difficult and politically undesirable for researchers to pursue its medicinal effects and identify which combination of its hundreds of cannabinoids might produce the best results and at what potency. There is no quality control for street weed. Seizure sufferers apparently don’t need the get-you-high cannabinoids, but it is hard for them to find what they components they need and get consistent quality with extreme federal restrictions and stigma in place.

  3. Get sane and decriminalize this. Get non-violent tokers out of jail. The cops can concentrate on heroin and cocaine and the drugs Big Pharma is pushing on its kids and we can see if grass can help some people with health issues. America sucks in its approach to this and other issues other countries have already moved on.

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