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Pleasant Hill Police Arrest Shoplifting Crew On Highway 24 Thursday


Our pages have documented several recent shoplifting excursions in the 24/680 of late, some of them seemingly conducted by crews of individuals targeting specific stores for specific merchandise.

On Thursday, about 10:30 a.m., employees from Marshall’s department store in Pleasant Hill called police to report that a large scale theft had just occurred. A detailed description of the suspects and their getaway car was provided and officers located the fleeing vehicle  – touching off a short pursuit.

Police said the chase continued onto local freeways but was called off when the person driving the getaway car began driving recklessly – possibly endangering others. Minutes later, according to police, the suspect’s car was disabled, causing it to roll to a stop on Highway 24 near the I680/24 split (our namesake.)

Pleasant Hill officers moved in, arrested four people and recovered the stolen property.

Investigators said the four were allegedly part of an organized retail theft ring responsible for stealing merchandise valued at tens of thousands of dollars over the last several months.

Tybreyante Hopyard, 18 year old male, resident of Antioch
Dashiahnae Johnson, 19 year old female, resident of El Sobrante
Toriano Hudson, 21 year old male, resident of Richmond
Tiara Woods, 21 year old female, resident of Richmond

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  1. Was that what one of your twit…. tweeterers…. twitter lpeople was trying to tell you??? Where they throwing clothes out of the car or something? forcing people off the road?

    • Hey, Brinn… yes, we scribbled a little update about that this morning. We had multiple reports from our “NEWS24/680 Posse” about something going on up on the freeway but we had a series of unrelated accidents up there and our friends in the police department weren’t talking yesterday, sooooo… For the record we had several calls about police activity up and down the 24/680 yesterday, we just couldn’t get confirmation from the appropriate PD. Could be a busy summer!

  2. What unique first names they all had.
    More out-of-area scum doing their dirty work then racing back home. I bet you they all already had warrants or are on probation . But Marshals?..
    I guess they’re just not Macy’s / Nordstrom shop(lifting)pers

  3. Risk your own life and the lives of others for some bogus purses you can sell at the flea market. Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. We’ve been lucky so far. I’m waiting for one of these crews to run into a family on its way to the store. Unfortunately, someone has to pay before action is taken. I just don’t know if I would be able to handle it when it does.

  5. Agree with Teresa. We have been lucky. One day one of these asshats is going to collide with someone else. THEN listen to everyone cry for a fix. Crazy.

  6. Another item of speeding on the 24 and police activity in Lafayette was due to a San Jose man who stole the car from a Walnut Creek parking garage I was chased by police but caught in Lafayette. Good work cops@ we love you and we need you!

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