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Rolex, Wallet Taken In Concord Robbery Wednesday

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Two masked gunmen surprised a man on his way to his car in the 2300 block of Crystal Avenue on Wednesday, demanding the man’s Rolex watch and wallet and pistol-whipping him to enforce the demand.

The robbery was reported at approximately 7:40 a.m. It was not immediately known if the victim sustained serious injury.

Police were reportedly looking for a silver 4-door KIA with two masked male occupants armed with “Glock-style” pistols. The vehicle was last seen turning onto Crescent Drive.

UPDATE/via FLASH: (12:50pm) ROBBERY UPDATE – suspect(s) in this morning’s Rolex robbery just crashed after a police chase at Laurel Rd and Empire Ave in Oakley.

Oakley police say they arrested:
Christopher Rodriguez, 22, of Oakley
Jimmy Cartwright, 23, of Antioch


  1. Cops need to run a sting for Rolex thieves, then identify the ringleaders. Prosecutors need to put them away for a long time. One person has already been murdered by Rolex thieves. There will be other deaths if the ringleaders are not put out of business.

    • In California, one must take responsibility for ones own safety. Please don’t count on local prosecutors or the judicial system.

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  2. I’m not very familiar with that area, but looking at my map’s streetview, it does not look to me like Rolex territory.

      • Many in challenged neighborhoods sport Rolex’s, their enterprises just happen to not be reported to the IRS or other taxing authorities.

        Firestone 11R

      • OK, in the interest of saying something pithy about the relationship between household budget items and wealth, I did a bunch of research but did not come to the conclusion I was hoping. Apparently, Rolex owners cut across all income levels and demographics and are based a lot on taste and lifestyle. My wallet appreciates my lack of taste.

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