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Does Anyone Actually BUY A Car Anymore? Another Stolen Car Stopped In Walnut Creek Wednesday

WCPD photo

The old News24/680 Flash Alert system has red hot today with police chasing – and in at least a couple of cases – bagging cars being driven by someone other than their legal owners.

WCPD Photo


A couple of incidents in Lafayette, one of which ended with a pursuit, a crash and another stolen car over in Berkley and another one in which some suspected porch pirates were found with packages that didn’t belong to them in the car that didn’t belong to them.

And, in Walnut Creek, lest folks there feel left out, WCPD pounced on a stolen car in the area of Newell Ave and Broadway that had been reported stolen out of Berkeley. The driver was arrested and “given a free ride to Martinez,” where it was expected he would be booked on charges of auto theft and probation violation.

Busy day in the 24/680…


  1. I agree all of these stolen cars are a waste of resources and a lost market opportunity. In addition to Uber X and Uber Comfort and so on levels, they could add Uber Theft for those needing temporary transportation to steal Rolex watches in driveways or jeans from Target.

    • Yes, we sometimes have violence in our towns. Let’s not cheer it or make light of it or make it a glorified contest. We choose not to live in your TV westerns of yesterday where the quicker draw makes the law. Who the hell does that serve?

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