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Arrests Of Wanted Carjacking Suspects Causes Major Delays On Highway 24

Photo: "Kathy" via Twitter

Police action on eastbound Highway 24 in Orinda resulted in the the arrest of suspected carjackers and a major traffic jam as traffic was stopped at the scene of the high-profile arrests. 

Readers said both Berkeley Police and California Highway Patrol officers made the stop on a white Chevrolet Cruze – reportedly involved in an armed carjacking incident in Berkeley – and made the arrests.

Berkeley Police reported that at about 1:48 pm, officers spotted a vehicle wanted from a previous carjacking in Oakland. The vehicle fled from officers and took to Highway 24, with officers eventually stopping the car near the Wilder exit.


    • Unfortunately, true Jeff. They’ll be trying to carjack someone else tomorrow.
      We got to change this folks. Watch who you vote for and what propositions you approve.

  1. These are some bad dudes for sure, but killing Viet Cong and killing the Taliban did not win hearts and minds or destroy the adversary as promised. Instead, it created more fighters, and those wars only ended in ignominious defeat. And, in retrospect, that is the ONLY way they could have ended. And what a carnage. And what a lack of imagination!

    Gentlemen, your view of how to proceed to resolve these difficult problems is shared by those who profit from prisons but not the voters of the state of California. You exclaim FEAR, but your recommended approach has only filled old prisons and new prisons without resolving the underlying problem. Offer something new, something that might work.

    • The “new” approaches of 2020 led to an over 29% increase in murder (FBI)… which doesn’t include numbers from New York, Chicago, or New Orleans.

  2. Very unhappy and in a very sour mood by the time I made it home. Husband just handed me a glass of wine and walked out of the room. Smart move.

  3. Texas had a huge number of carjackings, until the law permitted people to carry guns in their cars without any permits. The first week of the new program ( I was stationed in the Air Force in San Antonio then) three dead men , all shot at close range,were discovered near freeway on ramps. The local papers reported similar events in Houston. The carjackings stopped almost instantly. I now have family living in near Austin, and they tell me that carjackings do not occur there, and there are few breakins or attempted street robberies. Texas now has very liberal personal carry gun laws. Texas cities have a very low homicide rate compared to other major US Cities ( Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans). The latter cities all have very stringent and limiting rules about citizens carrying concealed weapons . Figure it out yourself.

    • Hmm. I guess the El Paso WalMart shooting – 23 DEAD, 23 WOUNDED – was just a case of a good guy wanting to shorten the waiting time in Express Checkout. Listen, I’ll cut to the chase, if you want to live in a state where everyone is carrying I’m all for you moving there.

      • Dan,

        The Supreme Court will be hearing a case in November which will likely lead to open carry in every state. 108RS

        • So says the LEO who quotes the movie Tombstone, as though there is some promise in Tombstone AZ, as though there is some promise in everyone carrying a lethal weapon on the street, in the grocery, in the movie theater, and most especially in the saloon where liquor is abundant. As the song goes: What a wonderful world!

          • David,

            Do you not trust your fellow man? Have a little faith baby, have a little faith….woof woof. Name the movie. 108RS

        • “With fifteen years of law enforcement experience, my opinion here is worth more than any other contributors. 108RS”

          We all bask in your glow, especially the other law enforcement officers who are regulars on this website and allow you to speak for them.

    • And don’t forget – guns are one of the state’s biggest exports. Forty one percent of crime guns recovered in Mexico from 2009-2014 originated in Texas. So you can call it good guys making sure bad guys have guns. Yee-Haw.

    • And the school system is totally safe:
      Arlington, Texas TODAY
      — Four people injured: three hospitalized, one declined treatment
      — Incident started between two students in a classroom and a gun was used
      — Suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins

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