Home Video Anti-Mandate Protestors Gather Outside County Health Offices In Martinez Thursday

Anti-Mandate Protestors Gather Outside County Health Offices In Martinez Thursday


Video: Ann McMullen Michael


  1. Approximately 717,000 deaths in the US from the covid pandemic per the Worldometer website, and these unmasked victims of tyranny want us to understand their pain, the “victimosity” of it all. They ask that we deworm ourselves with ivermectin and quite simply deny what we see in front of us, what we see in the hospitals, and in the mobile morgues. And when the delusion fails, that last bed in the hospital belongs to them, godammit!!! It is the craziest truthiness I expect to ever witness.

  2. Tell the 10s of thousands who have died or have become permanentely injured from the so called “vaccine” this is a delusion. Maybe do a little research and don’t rely on MSM for your info.

    Why is over 65% of the Covid patients in the ICU already vaccinated? What kind of “vaccine” allow one to be infected and pass the infection they were supposed to be protected from? Some of us will not drink the Kool-Aid, and haved worked in a healthcare setting long enough to know how things work.

  3. “Covid was the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths last year, killing at least 182 officers, according to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, which tracks such deaths. That’s nearly double the number killed by gun violence and vehicle crashes combined. At least 133 officers have died of covid so far this year, according to the organization.”

    (Washington Post October 2, 2021)

    That does not include the deaths of family members and others for whom first responders may have been the perfect vector of transmission, having close and regular contact with a wide spectrum of the public.

    • So david, just curious….how much longer do you feel we should continue with mask mandates? And have to show a vax card to go out to eat?? Forever?? When there are 0 cases of Covid? Whichever comes first? Seriously there has to be an off ramp!!

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