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Friday: A “Come To Jesus” Morning Caps A Tumultuous Week


If there was ever a week to come along and remind us all we’re living in the Great Golden State it was this one with egg-broiling heat, Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em seismic events and some human stories coming together in engaging, often very sad ways.

Some among us go before their Earthly Judges today, some went to their Heavenly Judges earlier in the week. A man brutally killed in Concord recently turned out to have come from our midst here in Lamorinda – his friends memorializing him on our pages and reminding us all that – but for luck and a throw of the dice – hard times await. We’re grateful to those who took a moment to humanize the people we write about every day.

Others you would never expect to be facing challenges in life succumbed to their own demons and chose to leave us by their own hand, shocking family and friends and making us all wonder what they were up against and apparently facing on their own.

The sports-minded among us are happy as more and more people are returning to the pitches and fields and pools this area is known for and hurling all types of balls and stuff into nets or at one another. We think a pool is going to be a great place to be this week.

We’re getting Mad Many Requests to “publicize our swim club” or “mention our team” and we may, in the right moment, do just that BUT we are not a PR firm and you see we BUILT this site for YOU to post news of swim meets and new teams forming up on the site so check out and use our EVENTS tab or Letter to the Editor tab or, as some of you have been doing our SUPPORT tab (bless you!) It’s all there for you.

Aaaand… stay as cool out there as we know you all are!


  1. “Publicize our swim club” or “mention our team.” You’re friendly with your readers, and it’s a double edge sword. You shouldn’t have to remind your readers that you’re “not a PR firm” nor should they treat you like you’ve know them all your life. If they don’t know to use the events tab, they’re trying to take advantage of you. I’d ignore them.

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