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Tuesday Morning Wrapup: Things That Go Boom In The Night


Anyone with our Flash Alert system enabled got early word of a pyrotechnic detonation in downtown Walnut Creek that burst windows and frayed nerves Monday evening.

Our first Flash went out a minute after 10 p.m. when a pyrotechnic of some type detonated near a skin care business at Mt. Diablo and Mt. Pisgah – taking out a window and touching off a flurry of calls from nervous neighbors.

Local authorities aren’t playing when it comes to the use of pyrotechnics and Walnut Creek police swarmed the area of last night’s blast, eventually taking a man into custody and clearing out a sizable cache of fireworks.

We’re unsure of the suspect’s custody status or if charges of any kind are pending but we should know soon if they are.

The whole pyrotechnic issue has proven divisive of late with fanciers of aerial explosions condemning detractors as “un-American” while households with PTSD sufferers, kids, pets, combat vets mutter about the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing ‘splosion enthusiasts ruining their night’s sleep.

Fireworks are illegal, of course, and the county’s fire investigators have been busy ferreting out caches and bringing cases against those intent on setting fire to their homes or those of their neighbors.

Still, the nation’s birthday is approaching and some folks believe you just can’t let that occasion pass without making something go boom. As a result, irate calls from the neighborhoods continue to come in and 40-something guys in wife-beaters and rearward-facing ball caps tiptoe out to the backyard to touch off mortar shells and M1000s.


  1. Our neighbors dog panicked and ran away when they were going off last week. Poor thing is probably still running.

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