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Orinda In The Crosshairs? Multiple Burglaries Reported In The Last 48 Hours

Screen grab from Loards' web site this morning.

Most of the victims appear to be staying mum but the incidence of serial burglary we reported in Orinda Saturday appear to have continued into the night with a few local businesses reporting break-ins.

This site has gotten wind of a series of break-ins on Via Farallon and, more recently, a flurry of commercial burglaries overnight. Initial reports of burglaries at Reem’s Steaks, Europa and Maya Mexican Grill.

Loards posted a notice of their intrusion on their web site. If you know of any others or were victimized yourself and care to talk, let us know, we’re mapping this problem.


  1. The media has a professional obligation to report this — they’re just doing their job. But posting all this crap on Next Door, Facebook, etc. is just inviting more crooks into the neighborhood. And the tunnel isn’t helping the situation.

  2. Any word if these robberies are related to the smashed store fronts in Lafayette?


    The news has an obligation? Well they pretty much all fail at this except 24/680. I rather see crime news on nextdoor than have it be swept under the rug.

    I personally am happy to hear about crime on nextdoor from neighbors, It’s informative and helpful to hear from the community. I think more people from outside the area would be exposed to a news story on a major station than on nextdoor if thats your worry. Hiding the problem will not make it go away, just make people less prepared and continue to give thieves an upper hand.

    I personally would prefer that local news stations (not including 24 680 because they already do an awesome job) would actually have stories related to local crime and incidents occurring we need to know about instead of sensationalism about similar type incidents thousands of miles away. There is a mentality oh we don’t want to report this type crime or incident locally but let’s focus on the big hyped ones in the mainstream media happening far far away.

    It disturbs me greatly that certain violent crimes and robberies are simply not picked up by the so called news stations. This directly leads to misinforming a large group of the public which directly leads to a disconnect amongst the community and crime prevention, safety and diminishes the possibility of productive discussions on these matters.

    Thank you 24 680 for reporting whats actually happening around me, it makes me feel like someone has my back.

    • You are most welcome TJ… we do have your back, although it is almost certain we’ll anger you sometime in the future! It’s the nature of the job!

    • So very true, Keith! The TV news and the East Bay Times don’t seem to report on any of this. It’s very scary! As if they want to sweep it under the rug as you said. Thankfully news 24-680 is always on top of things. Thank you, News24-680!
      I sure miss the Lesher’s old Contra Costa Times, as it covered everything in our area. The East Bay Tmes seems to totally ignore our entire area now, and has become way too political as if that’s their aim now.

  3. TJ — NextDoor is a petri dish for criminals and scammers. The media can’t report every crime. It’s not a disconnect. You don’t need to know every crime. If you insist on knowing, read online police reports for every city you’re interested in. There are online news sites that don’t even post burglary reports. They’re smart. All it does is draw more crime into the neighborhood.

    And feel free to post your next “vacation” online, and when you’re leaving and returning. You’ll have less to return to.

  4. San Francisco is largely a decriminalized zone courtesy of DA Chesa Boudin, Mayor Schaaf in Oakland doesn’t want to disappoint some of her constituents by enforcing laws. And now the criminality spills over to neighboring communities. What will check this trend?

    • There are businesses in San Francisco and Oakland. If law enforcement is lax there, as you claim, why would criminals there bother to venture further afield? The Loard’s Ice Cream haul would hardly pay for their gas.

      • Yes, arrest records of burglaries in Lamorinda confirm bad guys come from all over the bay area and business owners in Oakland and SF have been forced to fortify their security so the bad guys go for the path of least resistance

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