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Martinez Police Contain Man Wielding Machetes on Marina Vista Avenue Sunday


Martinez police officers used a combination of a moving cordon, ballistic shields and – eventually – a Taser deployment to contain a man walking down Marina Vista Avenue while swinging two machetes Sunday.

The incident was reported at approximately 8:30 a.m. as the man was first spotted walking down the avenue, gesturing and swinging two edged weapons later identified as machetes as he walked.

Martinez police officers confirmed the sighting and, in video capturing the incident, established a rolling cordon around the man as he moved, bringing up ballistic shields and less-lethal devices while gradually closing in. While both a less-lethal bean bag gun and a Taser were observed at the scene, it is believed the Taser was used to drop the man and allow police to move in.

He was arrested and an ambulance was called to check him out at the scene.


  1. The picture tells the story. I was wrong. I was guessing he wasn’t wearing anything but machetes and maybe an earring.

  2. Nice, with all of the police shootings nowadays, it’s nice to see a taser was available to drop this guy. Hello Danville.

    • Taser is always available but not when your within 10-12 ft of a guy that pulls a knife and steps toward you…In the use of force wheel a taser at close range is not the tool for someone armed with a knife.
      In this incident police knew the guy was armed and had time and man power to deal with it, was not the case in that Danville incident. Officer didn’t know the guy had a knife till he whipped it out.

      Had the initial call in Danville included the guy was armed with a knife I don’t believe the Officer would have approached solo.

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