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Hard Start On Our Roads Sunday; “Full Turtle” Sighted In Concord

Photo: Concord PD

Sunday drivers are finding it tough going out there today, with a series of crashes playing havoc with motorists and traffic patterns disrupted – all before noon.

Interstate 680 was particularly hard hit with a fiery, early-morning crash taking at least one life in San Ramon at 3:30 a.m. and a second rollover crash in the general vicinity just three hours later leaving another car overturned.

Regular readers may be aware of our habit of describing certain types of accidents in certain ways – an occupational habit brought on by covering thousands of crashes over the years.

There are “climbers” and “leaners” – those machines ending up on their sides after impact, and “half-turtles” and “full turtles” – those unfortunates left spinning on their rooftops and helpless as, well, you get it…

Happily, after our sad start to the morning, there were no significant injuries to report after a 2-car crash left one auto in “Full Turtle”-mode at Clayton and Galindo in Concord at 8:38 a.m.

Please be careful out there today. It’s Sunday and the day is young.


    • For the record, we’re opposed to Road Kill of any kind. It messes us up for days whenever we find a little guy caught under the wheels of a Suburban. But these cars reminded us of topsy turvy Reptilia so the image stuck…

  1. You know, I had a turtle who was an escape artist. You turn your back on that vehicle for two minutes, and it will remove itself from the scene before you know what happened.

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