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A Newsy Christmas Morning


Christmas preparations on hold a bit this morning as we’ve been watching developments in Nashville and trying to wrap our minds around that incident – thinking that perhaps we’ve reached a new level of… something… in America.

It remains to be seen what the perpetrators hoped to gain by this bombing.

With that, and as various law enforcement and World Watching folks we’ve come to know check in to discuss the incident, we’ve lowered our kitchen burners and put Christmas Dinner on hold as we mull this latest news.

As an example of our desperate outreach for information we actually fired up the cable news channels – instantly regretting that decision after the first theatrically intoned “Nashville looks like a war zone” and heading back to safer ground.

Perhaps because it’s 2020 and folks are used to just about any travail by now we marveled at just how quickly those we knew who had heard of events in Nashville were able to process the news. We guess nothing surprises us any longer.

Locally, we’ve noted some disturbing, developing new trends we know we’ll probably need to get into once we get past the celebration of our favorite day, unless we get that magical Do-Over provided by the New Year and the slate is wiped clean.

In the meantime we’ll take comfort in your many expressed good wishes, funny cards and emails, and a photo forwarded by a reader in Moraga who captured a planetary alignment we found hopeful. Thank you for your contact and support and Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. How bout that sunrise! I’m not usually up and functioning at sunrise, but today was Christmas, and it was a beautiful way to start the day.

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