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Morning Pursuit – Morning Crash Keeps Things Busy In The 24/680 Wednesday

Photo: Jim

It was what we would call a “YeeHaw Morning” in the 24/680 this a.m. – with a pursuit coming to a stop and ending with a dog bite in Walnut Creek and a teetering truck crash on westbound Highway 24 in Lafayette to cap things off.

We’re certain there have been other incidents (oh, there was a flurry of fires burning in Concord around midnight, too) but sometimes there are more of them then there are of us so we settle for what we can grab.

This morning’s pursuit apparently originated in San Jose, with a car reportedly stolen in a carjacking and used in an armed robbery spotted making its way north on Highway 680 in San Ramon.

California Highway Patrol officers fell in behind the car as it made its way into Walnut Creek, its driver apparently attempting to shake off a trailing CHP helicopter by darting into a parking garage at Quail Court and S. Main.

Details are still a little sketchy after that point but we don’t think that tactic worked as the chopper clattered overhead and officers moved in on the ground, an ambulance summoned to treat a person for a bite from a police canine.

And then traffic on westbound Highway 24 in Central Lafayette came to a grinding halt when a box truck carrying a load of parcels veered across several lanes and made contact with at least one other car before overturning.

No major injuries we’re happy to report but the accident really made a mess of the late-morning commute, with traffic stacking up on the highway and drivers darting off the highway in search of alternative routes on nearby surface streets. That didn’t work so well, either, and traffic remained snarled for about an hour while crews worked to right the truck and clear debris off the highway.


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