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“O, Not-So-Silent Night…”

Don't laugh. We're constantly upgrading our gear.

The most-often-asked question here at News24/680 behind “Don’t you guys ever sleep?” is our favorite: “I’m in (Pick Your City) – what the (Pick Your Expletive) is happening?”

With the answer to the first question “Not nearly enough” and with a growing network of Tipsters and Flashers and Skywatchers, it’s true that we generally hear about it when things start popping off.

Take last night. Please. (Rimshot).

We’re deep into a cup of Sleepy Time Tea and an old movie when the alarm gongs start going off and our phones start chirping – usually a good indicator for us that something is brewing.

A word about those incoming texts: We have many thousands of Flashers out there now and when your texts come in we don’t see any names attached – just digits – and while our mental acuity is still pretty good we haven’t successfully memorized them all. Yet.

While you know full well what you mean when you send your message all we see is: “What was that?”, “Big boom,” or “Something up?”

We may not have known who was writing us but there obviously was something up so we stirred, hit the phones and keyboard, and found out (thanks to Chief Jon King at Moraga PD) that there was an arrest for auto theft just south of town last night, and then that there were some pyrotechnics detonating in Moraga… and Danville… and Concord – all apparently unrelated but also all at about the same time.

Pleased to find there was no armed insurrection underway (you have to ask yourself these days) and apparently just a random use of rather large pyrotechnics by teenage Future Leaders of America we felt better but it certainly got everyone’s attention.

We put out what we knew, reconnected with some of our more loyal Flashers, and re-heated the Sleepy Bye Tea when whammo, we started hearing about some car burglars at work in Danville.

People get pretty cranked off about having their cars burgled and stuff taken – understandably – and we started hearing about a certain car with multiple occupants aboard cruising the neighborhoods and people are riled up and asking questions.

That’s when we get wind of a police chase north on I680 in Walnut Creek with a white Honda the apparent focus of police attention, officers reportedly using spikestrips, car-to-car fired transmitters, and ultimately the tried and true PIT maneuver to bring things to a close in Concord. So, it’s guns out and some shouting and, ultimately, several folks were taken into custody before our readers decided they’d had enough and headed off to bed.

And then something bad happened in Benicia and the phones went off again. A fatal collision involving a civilian pedestrian and a police car, we’re sad to say.

By that time it was about 4 a.m., any hope of a sleep-inducing tea break was gone and we indulged ourselves by watching an old movie before surrendering to the Sleep Gods at O Very Early Thirty.

And now you know why we never sleep.


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