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Racist Fliers Turn Up In Martinez; PD Investigating


Martinez police are investigating the origin of racist fliers bearing the symbol of a purported White Supremacist group and threatening supporters of Black Lives Matter. The leaflets were discovered Saturday at about 9:45 p.m. on a sidewalk near downtown.

Police called the fliers, riddled with spelling errors, “Deplorable, filled with hate, and have no place in the city of Martinez. The language was threatening, offensive, and goes against everything the City values in terms of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.”

Police urged anyone with information on the source of the fliers to contact their Dispatch Center at (925) 372-3440. The incident is currently being regarded as a hate crime and the investigation is ongoing.


  1. I think it’s time to be very careful about this sort of thing — so much of it is just manipulative propaganda. Anyone can drop a leaflet on the ground. Take time to seek the truth.

  2. Luckily for the rest of us racists have done little to improve the basic skills thinking people rely on to display their intelligence to others. It makes it much easier for us to spot them.

  3. Thanks for not showing that piece of trash letter. It was on TV and I couldn’t help but think that was exactly what these fools want.

  4. * sigh * I thought we already knew how lame and dim some people can be, but today I see that a restaurant in southern California had to close because the customers were so abusive to staff about masks!

  5. Just another example of “very fine people on both sides”. There are 2 sides to this debate, don’t you know.

  6. Hoax. Pro-White leaflets, stickers, and so on are almost always well edited for spelling, punctuation, and so on. This appears to be the work of a lone individual trying to stir things up while deliberately appearing badly educated/stupid.

  7. If the fliers were “bearing the symbol of a purported White Supremacist group” then why didn’t the news agency reporting this contact them to ask if this is their flier?

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