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Simmering Campus Relationship Believed Behind Sunday Night Shooting In Moraga


Classmates of Isaiah Glaze, the 21-year-old St. Mary’s College student and suspect in a double-shooting that left Moraga in a state of shock Sunday, said Glaze had been stalking his victim, also an SMC student, for months after a failed on-campus relationship.

Students forwarded social media posts posted by friends of the victim as well as by Glaze himself, who majored in sports management at St. Mary’s, as evidence of the potentially hostile nature of the relationship, and suggesting as far back as last October that violence might result if no intervention was made.

One post describes Glaze’s purported multiple efforts to re-contact the woman who had ended their relationship, saying the pattern of harassment “had been going on for a year and Saint Mary’s refuses to protect us.”

The poster goes on to say that after multiple attempts to locate the woman and confront her, Glaze eventually succeeded.

“…now Isaiah not only knows where we live again, but his dad comes onto campus too to try and intimidate us…”

Reports that Glaze’s father was at the scene of last night’s shooting incident could not be immediately confirmed.

Other posts include one purportedly from Glaze himself, posted under his screen name, in which some threats, epithets, and a reference to snitching are made. The post ends with: “… do me a favor have this be your last semester…”

Posters alluded that Glaze was being “protected” by Saint Mary’s, Public Safety, and Moraga Police, who were aware of the incidents leading up to Sunday’s incident. Why that would be the case, if so, was not disclosed.


  1. Sadly, nobody does anything to protect victims of stalking, including the police. I’ve never been in that position, but I really feel for those who have. It must be terrifying. I don’t know if agencies “protect” the stalker. My guess would be they do nothing – period.

  2. In my day there would be some goodbys, some tears, maybe a kiss and then everyone would go their own way. I guess it’s different now.

  3. Sadly, no one protects victims of assault coupled with fake claims and failures of the district attorney to prosecute known older adult non-students who freely roam campus and assault students! I hope someone looks into the history or lack thereof of investigators and the district attorney’s non action!

    • If you know of any incidents involving adult non-student who “freely roam campus and assault students” perhaps you’ll enlighten us as to time, place, any pertinent details?

      • Campus Security (Public Safety) has terrible security infrastructure. Little cameras (if any), key entry (non-electronic) into buildings and dorms, and no personnel at entrances to monitor entry and exit. If there’s any assault that isn’t witnessed by anyone (think late night darkness), PSafe treats it as a non-provable claim and doesn’t follow through. The lack of security infrastructure gives PSafe (and the school) plausible deniability in any claim against them as enforcers of security since there’s no evidence they haven’t.

  4. Seems to me it would be important to know dads role in this incident?? Tried to intervene? Accomplice? Where’d that gun come from????

  5. What should have been done? Was there enough to prosecute him? Some say no. Expel him? Move to another school? These cases appear all too frequent and appear to have the same result – the woman ends up injured or worse.

  6. News24/680, get your facts straight, the suspect had been jumped, not once, but twice by an adult male associated with the victim. At the end of the letter written above, the young lady mentions “handling things” in her “own way,” which included having the suspect violently beaten by her boyfriend. Violence begets more violence. Both parties played a part in this tragic incident. As mentioned before, you can confirm that with the district attorney. Good reporting incorporates all the the facts, if you don’t have them, your credibility goes down to 0 as a source for information. No one is responsible for “enlightening” you to all the facts regarding this case. It’s you job to enlighten yourself before you publish a one-sided story.

    • What a mess. Simmering seems to describe this scenario more than adequately. What no one apparently expected was that the pot would boil over and people would get shot. Or that a multiple shooting case would come to Lamorinda again within a matter of months.

    • Blaming this SHOOTING victim epitomizes lowbrow chauvinism.

      If what you say is true, we can reasonably infer that the SHOOTER got a knuckle sandwich for STALKING his victim. He didn’t get the message to leave her alone, so he got another knuckle sandwich. While we should not condone violence, most would agree that stalkers who commit to their craft bear the occupational hazard of getting roughed up from time to time.

      In no universe do a couple beat downs justify hunting the object of your unrequited desire and SHOOTING her in the face.

  7. You become news when your actions affect the public. It doesn’t matter who did what. Only that gun play and adults lacking any sense became a public threat in a public place. Where there is zero tolerance for stupid behavior that can cause great harm to anyone caught in a love triangle tiff.

    I hope all three are investigated, face appropriately issued criminal charges. St Marys needs to place them all on academic suspension and removed from campus till the investigation is over. The Students at St Marys there to learn deserve to go on with their student activities without these drama queens making a mess.

    • Please see previous post, Amy, as it was done purposefully to avoid identifying the poster, keeping out any offensive wording, and preventing anything of a possibly evidentiary value from being seen…

  8. Saint Mary’s needs to finally change the way they handle these situations. Stop hiding the issues the school has. There have been other situations also covered up in the past. Protect your students and the community. For the the amount it costs to attend, they surely can move some funds around and have a team truly dedicated to cleaning up the issues.

  9. If the suspect was stalking the victim, she could have gotten a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him. Contra Costa court records do not show any such case.

    However, there was a one-year Civil Harassment Restraining Order entered on behalf of Isaiah Glaze, as the protected party, against one Roderick Haynes Jr. (restrained party) on July 15, 2019, case no. MSN19-1092. These restraining orders require clear & convincing evidence of a threat of violence by the party to be restrained — a much higher standard of proof than for a DVRO for stalking.

    Was Haynes the “adult male associated with the victim” who a commenter above said had jumped Glaze?

  10. We were at John Muir the next day, things still seemed really unsettled. People were still really angry. I think security or he police had to come.

  11. There’s a glimpse of the outside world Moraga probably thought it would never see. Hopefully that’s the end of it.

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