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Burglars Bedevil The 24/680 – Four Break-ins In Orinda Thursday


No city or town seems exempt from a recent spate of local burglaries and some areas are getting especially hard hit on an apparently rotating basis.

Thursday was Orinda’s turn in the crosshairs, apparently, with Chief of Police David Cook confirming his officers dealt with four residential burglaries over the course of their day.

“The crimes happened at various times of the day and at various locations in the city. We are working on investigating these crimes and will be issuing a request for information momentarily,” Cook said Friday.

Orinda may have been hit the hardest, but it is by no means alone. This site received a number of reports of thefts – both residential and automotive – up and down the 680 Corridor yesterday, though other local chiefs reported relative quiet.

This site has reached out to reported victims in an effort to help map the crimes. Anyone who has been victimized may reach out to us to report the crime via our Tip Line.

No specific addresses will be mentioned.


  1. Four burglaries in one day in a town as small as Orinda is absurd. Especially since residential burglaries are down (and vehicle burglaries are up) since the passing of Prop 47.Not listing the addresses is wise.

  2. Very visible security cameras and a dog. But don’t tell, the dog has a great bark but would be useless in a real incident. Just a wagging tail and a ball in her mouth.

  3. L.A.’s fine, the sun shines most of the time
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    Well I’m San Diego born and Moraga raised
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    L.A.’s fine, but it ain’t home
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    But it ain’t mine no more

    Did you ever read about a town
    Who dreamed of being murder/burglary King
    And then became one
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    And a few other changes
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    • Anything particularly, George? The PD put out an admonition and asked for citizens to contact the hem with information. From our perspective things seem to easing off a little Saturday night.

  4. Nothing really, just in the story it said “This site received a number of reports of thefts – both residential and automotive” I just thought there was additional crime out there that we were not hearing about.

    • Oh, yes, that has been the issue, George, as we get reports of incidents of this type… often before they’ve had a chance to manifest as official crime stats. That has been difficult to chase as we’re hearing of things that are later borne out, such as the Orinda burgs, but we can’t verify them when we learn of them. Just a bit of a lag…

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